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Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The DAC1 is effectively discontinued and now replaced with the MKII version. Any previously sold DAC1s will be upgradeable to MKII status as early as next month. Please consult the attached price lists for upgrade cost information.

Please note that work is underway on a replacement for the DAC1 at its previous price point but this will not be ready for a few months. Expect 2nd QTR 2023.

We are also happy to announce the availability now of the Frerot and Pow1 in black as of 20/02/23

The introductory price in Australia on these two Frerot and Pow1 in silver will end 31/01/2023.

RRP from 01/02/23 will be;

Frerot $2,200 Inc GST

Pow1 $1,400 Inc GST

FYI: All three of the MERASON products are part of the Part Time Audiophile Buyer’s Guide 2022, The Best Digital Players

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