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Sessions @ KLAPP

The first Sessions at Klapp will be in May, 2024.

On this night which will be invitation acceptance only event, we will show case the New Pulse Series  from Innuos. 

Audio Streamers for those that appreciate great audio.

To our esteemed guests, you will be able to experience a captivating A/B Demonstrations, delve into the new Sense App and explore the wide product

range offered by this digital hifi specialist brand. Not only will this A/B demo option be available, we will showcase these on four  exciting new DAC's plus the night will be catered to those ready and willing to jump into the World that is high end Digital with special on the night only shopping opportunities not to be missed and not to be repeated so touch base with the Team at KLAPP today to secure a seat for this invite.  You will see more new and exclusive items upstairs at Klapp.

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