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New Prices

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Founded in the UK in 2009, Innuos is now a leading brand in the digital Hi-Fi Music Server market. While products evolve, much more work goes on behind the scenes of great producers in pursuit of greater customer interaction and enjoyment.

While some companies can produce and market products that OK or good and appear to offer all that you could want. Often they are for now and need to be replaced later, built in obsolesce possibly or just a lack of future planning and support?

Innuos promises and does more as it actively listens to customer feedback, requests and finds ways to implement new and better ways to improve the customer satisfaction levels with great success on older, existing and new products.

Take the Sense App, an awesome control app free of annual renewal fees and just one way of interacting with the Innuos Hardware.

Innuos is a product for now and for the future that doesn't forget its early adopters with a rock solid technical team and a fantastic support crew just in case the true audiophile grade built products and sound were simply not enough.

The sound that is most important to an audiophile is better and coupled with the ease of use and reliability represents great value.

With Innuos you get this and much more so look beyond the initial investment price and weigh up the total cost of ownership as you will be well rewarded.

Quality is built in, Quality is there to be seen and to be heard and on top of this, it is free to operate and enjoy with the Innuos Sense App, so take a tour and see what all the hype is about.

Prices are set to go up very soon so today you have the opportunity to lock in an Innuos at current pricing and even haggle a dealer for a little bargain but know that opportunity is soon to expire due to the global price rise.

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