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Typically we simplify and 
 divide into types, Digital & Analogue

COS D10 V2

The Digital : 

DAC : The Digital to Analogue Converter 

The Streamer Products 

The Server Products

The Network Switches

The Wireless and Bluetooth Transmitters

The Digital Cables. 

The Phone

The CD Player 

The Analogue :

The Record Player 

The Phono Stage 

The Tone Arm

The Cartridge 

The Analogue Cables

The Support Products

The Tape Deck

For many today Digital is all that is known, it is a bit sad many have not experienced  the other or possibly better but what is best ? There is no right or wrong , just good, better, possibly best and it depends on so many other factors, speakers, environment and you.  

Music should be appreciated however it comes to you and when we listen more, its then if we have the means, by hook or by crook, we seek better and this is where the quality dealer can assist you hear the difference. Once you do,, there is no going back to the Hi-Fi in a box. 

For many we simply bundle the above types into Digital and Analogue when we think of music source, but there is more than this, the Youtube Concerts and performances  can deliver a huge level of excitement and satisfaction, what is this category, I say Digital. Often I come home and the Pink Floyd Essentials rip through the house  as does the vacuum cleaner.  Apple TV is a great source of musical and video indulgence and we love it.  There is no right or wrong on how it is delivered, the is simply what sounds better and what level we need to go to get there if that is what we aspire to. My boys like to play "their" music on one of my systems, well the older has a great appreciation of the Jazz and, OK I can handle it,,, he uses the Innuos and it sounds great of course as he is musically gifted I should expect this. The Middle Child loves the 80's new wave pop and dance, chip off the old block and he pops on the videos so we enjoy it, some times too much,,,but the younger one,,,, he can swing  from KISS to something quite S****e,,, yes KISS was my fault, but the other is capital C*** especially as he sends it via Bluetooth and its is like lemon on an open wound,,, not that we are audio snobs surely? We learn to appreciate quality and once you have heard a good system and built a good system ,, any feed in compromise, a source of a lower level just won't cut it anymore. Take Music Steaming as an example, there are products that can deliver this service,,, and then we evolve to Innuos and the others just won't do it for us anymore. Then we bolt on a Phoenix and we go ooohhhh laaa laaa, where have you been all my life,  but do we stop there,, no we don't. If there is room to improve,  if we have the means to do so,, what is stopping you getting more out of what you have now? As the song goes,,,"its only just begun" did we skip the records, that is one long discussion page and some,, If one has a great collection of records, great, spin them round and round,, get them out an enjoy them. There are ways to make them sing and there are ways to make them purrrrrr. 

Some Great Options 

Under $2.200


Under $12,000

PULSAR_Silver-01_transparent copy.png

The Innuos Pulse Series , the Streamer only version of their incredible range  begins with the Pulse Mini

The Innuos Pulsar is a force to be reckoned with in the world of High End Streamers,, just go and audition it, its mind blowing good. 

Under $40,000


The Statement Next Gen is aptly named.  Sure it is a heavy price to pay but hey, when you want the best that does what it does, all day, every day, rock solid and reliable,, you work hard at what you do, it works hard at what it does and it is clearly leaps and bounds above its nearest priced competitors. 

To Go Digital and Beyond 

What works best for you,

the Journey begins 

PULSAR_Silver-01_transparent copy

PULSAR_Silver-01_transparent copy




Digital Conversion without compromise, The New COS D10v2



The USB RE-CLOCKER, listen and love

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