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When Every Note Is In The Right Place


COS Engineering, founded by three close friends serious about audio entertainment, is dedicated to developing high end,  Hi-Fi gear of the digital era that renders music listening a sheer natural pleasure.

  Debut in 2014.

New S10

Audiophile-grade COS's first audiophile-grade switch

Sometimes Simplicity is the answer ?

D-10- V3 ( March 2024>>)

D10 is a dream component for your beloved sonic pleasure. It is a DAC, a pre-amp, and a headphone amp, well built with streaming capability. Yes, the same spacious, supple and dynamically powerful sound that COS products have been offering. D10 is also a phono amp, one that delivers from your preferred vinyls luscious vibes. 

Built with the utmost care and patience to deliver this stunning DAC, it shares that perfectly sculptured design as the other family members. 



COS's proprietary algorithm with a linear-phase delay FIR filter can up-sample original data to 176.4K or 192K. D10 stores digital data in a one-second buffer before converting to analog signals, under the coordination of a crystal oscillator with a jitter precision less than 1ps and a dedicated re-clocking circuitry.

NEW D-10-V3 is now RRP $8,950 INC GST               

Steaming Module $1,89950.00 as of 05/01/24)

Phono Module      $1,89950.00 as of 05/01/24) 

NEW D-10-V3  Now even better. 

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