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The Power of Sound




Designed and Built in Poland


Thanks to carefully selected materials for sub-chassis and platter the sound is free from resonances and vibrations.

They do no follow the same trends as most competitors do but

follow their path and once you experience it, I am sure you will like what you see. 

Our own High End 9'' tonearm. Designed and manufactured in Poland. Very universal and refined in every detail. Quality, attention to detail and perfect operation are key features which make of this tonearm unique and give our customers ability to play vinyl records with great sound quality.



The Products  Turntables 

MT1 EVO  Turntable is a Muarah flagship construction. Thanks to carefuly selected materials for subchassis and platter the sound is free from resonances and vibrations. Platter is a hybrid acrylic+steel combination. It sonically  outperforms any solid design. MT1 EVO inherits all technical features from it's predecessor MT1 but additionaly introduces new details of external appearance: record mat rosette as integral part of the platter and modified leveling konbs with acrylic inserts. 


Hybrid design weighty platter with leather/stainless steel rosette record mat

Suspended construction with subchassis on springs

Unique oil damper to prevent subchassis oscillations

Teflon bearing with magnetic suspension

Motor START/STOP touch sensor

Auto stop feature – automatic switch off after 50min.

Easy leveling system

Tone Arm is Not Included. 

Armboard can be adapted to other tonearm mounting standards

MT2 has the most valuable features of MT1 but is much simpler and optimized in every detail. With MT1 shares Teflon bearing, multi layer acrylic main board and Muarah unique levelling system. Also the motor drive is of the same type: AC synchronous, but it’s now mounted in a separate heavy-weight housing in order to avoid vibrations. When put on sufficiently stiff and heavy stand made of concrete or thick wood it can results in vibration damping level close to MT1. MT2 is also more flexible in standard configuration thanks to easily adjustable arm board and can be equipped with many popular tonearms of effective length in 9 to 12” range. The platter is all acrylic 40mm thick and weights 3kg which is enough to ensure good level of RPM speed stability.

MT3 based on acrylic, this turntable's plinth is constructed from a thick MDF board and finished in a satin black. 30mm/2.5kg platter, is made from black acrylic. Original integrated turntable mat design, reminiscent of the MT-2 SE. The new turntable is compatible with tonearms that have an effective length of around 9 inches, which are among the most popular sizes. The design of the MT-3 model combines vintage aesthetics with modern technical solutions and materials, marking the introduction of a new turntable in Muarah's product lineup. In standard offered with our own designed MY-1/9 tonearm. 


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