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Typically audio amplifiers
are divided into types;

Fezz EVO Alfa Lupi [Moonlight] 3 - layer
Fezz EVO Titania [Evergreen] 4 - layer
Fezz EVO Mira Ceti 2a3 [Black ice] 1
Fezz EVO Lybra 300b [Evergreen] 4
Lab12 Suara Side Frozen Silver
VALVET A4e 2xAMP Front
G3_itron module trio
COS D10 V2

Tube single-ended triode (SET)

Tube single-ended OTL (Output transformer less)

Tube push pull OTL (Output transformer less)

Tube push pull

Transistorized single-ended

Transistorized push pull

Transistorized digital

Single-Ended hybrids

Push Pull hybrids

For many today Digital is all that is known, it is a bit sad many have not experienced  the other or possibly better but what is best ? There is no right or wrong , just good, better, possibly best and it depends on so many other factors, speakers, environment and you.  

 Music should be appreciated however it comes to you and when we listen more, its then if we have the means, by hook or by crook, we seek better and this is where the quality dealer can assist you hear the difference.  Once you do,, there is no going back to the Hi-Fi in a box. 

For many we simply bundle the above types into Digital, Home Theatre, Solid State and Tube but we do have sub categories and we have products that can integrate such as a Quality Tube Amplifier with a HT By-Pass can appease all the  family when integrated into an appropriate home theatre set up. Ones interaction and control varies from user to user and  for some of us this control aspect varies the enjoyment tremendously.  

We also have within "the Type" do you want Single Ended or Balanced? Some products offer a blend of both and many have a preference or a need to satisfy and a reason why.


Avantgarde Acoustic  XA Pre

Avangarde Acoustic   iTron 


LAB12  Tube   

Circle Labs        

Fezz Audio 




Some Great Options 

Under $5,999

Under $10,000


The Fezz Evolution Titania starts at $5,999 and what you get is a great sounding pure tube amplifier that is ready to deliver with 45 WCH, and beyond most owners own expectations, after all it is tube power.

The Sound is big and open with the push pull gusto, yet with a remarkably neutral tone.  The running constitutes a reference, a benchmark in the area of tight bass control, and positioning of the virtual sources. 

Titania – This is simply a Titan of Sound and  great value made in Europe 

The Valvet E3 is not an amplifier I would recommend for any one with difficult speaker loads but for those with medium to higher efficiency speakers and do not want to take the tube path as the amp needs to fit into a tight space, this awesome Single-Ended-ClassA Stereo Power Amp delivering 20 watts into 4 Ohms (12 watts into 8 ohms) for $9,900 lovingly manufactured in Germany . While it saves your back the heavy lifting, it delivers much more pleasure to the ears. 

Under $20,000

This combination is a gorgeous beast of power and control.  

The Circle Labs P300 Pre-Amp which is a fully balanced design from input to output controlling the  M200 Power  Amp  

Output power stereo mode: 160W/8Ω, 300W/4Ω

Output power monoblock mode: 600W/8Ω, 930W/4Ω

Priced at $7,500 for the P300 while the M-200 is $14,500 Inc GST.

This Hybrid Approach features an input stage that uniquely gains stable polarity from a battery source, which allows it to use only one vacuum tube, one resistor, and one premium quality Mundorf silver-gold signal capacitor; this solution provides a very short signal path with the best possible parameters, the design is the closest to the topology of single-ended amplifier, while retaining maximum efficiency and power. Detail and timbre, characteristic of single-ended amplifiers, is joined by high efficiency amplifier bass control all in a user friendly and stunning design from Europe. 

Available as a Combo  Pack for $19,900 inc GST 

To Tube or Not to Tube

Then what Tube works best for you,

the Journey begins 

Fezz EVO Titania with KT-88 Tubes

Fezz EVO Titania with KT-88 Tubes

KT family of Tubes and the famous KT-88 that I grew up around powering Class AB Amps which are Push Pull and this type can deliver a higher power with plenty to love. KT88 are described as beam tetrodes.

Fezz EVO Mira Ceti 2a3 [Moonlight] 1 - layer

Fezz EVO Mira Ceti 2a3 [Moonlight] 1 - layer

The 2A3 tube is regarded as one of the The best tubes of all time and to some , the very definition of high end hi-fi. This tube dominated the high end radio market and in some cases the high end tube hi-fi market today.



HIGH POWER KT-170 Tubes as used in the Lab12 Integre4MK2. These high powered KT Family members also including the KT120 and KT150 are both pentode devices

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