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Titania Evo -Big, Open, Dynamic and a Smooth & Quiet Operator.

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

from only $5,999 inc GST to $9,249 inc GST for Awesome.

45 WCH via KT-88's.

The new Evolution Range of Fezz amplifiers have landed.

The saying about the output transformers in tube amps – that they determine the quality of the amplifier and its sound field even more than the output tubes, if you ever gave this two moments of thought and you want to hear the difference, book an audition with a dealer today and be prepared to be blown away. The parent company knows how to build a transformer, so pay for the sound and the build rather than the brand image or legacy as Fezz is here and now and needs to be heard. For Sydney based folks, apologies your chance will be in November.

Much has been said about the lovely SET amplifiers which we are adoring, it is the eminent arrival of the great value Push Pull Type integrated amplifiers packing a bit more of that power many of us love that has everyone excited. The new Titania pictured is one that will certainly win a few hearts in auditions and priced excluding options from only $5,999 including GST for this proud European manufactured delight.

The New version is an extremely powerful and dynamic amplifier of notable low noise.

In standard fit, it is equipped with their newly designed anti-vibration feet, adapted to the weight of the device. Three RCA inputs plus an auto Bias adjustment feature. Quality binding posts with impedance for both 4Ω & 8Ω speakers round out the standard features.

The New Evolution Features for the Titania are; easily accessible fuses protecting the amplifier in case of a power tube failure, just another new feature to improve the enjoyment of the Tube Amplifier Lover. No need to bother a tube tester or technician. This new inbuilt feature is designed to get more enthusiats into great sounding tube amplifiers.

The Sound is big and open with the push pull gusto, yet with a remarkably neutral tone. The running constitutes a reference, a benchmark in the area of tight bass control, and positioning of the virtual sources.

Titania – This is simply a Titan of Sound.

At $5,999 Inc GST,

"One gets and incredible amplifier, ready to go, but no options"

The cost plus options list is decent, and one needs to consider what one really needs at the time of purchase as to add later is not something that can be accommodated once made.

Option 1: RC - The remote control - Basic in function yet for many a must.

Option 2: The Cage - To many old school tube amplifier lovers, unnecessary until you realise , A, how good the cage actually looks and B, when it's too late and you have burnt the little fingers or bumped that glowing tube. I always think of it as a little bit of insurance especially when those feather dusters come out.

Option 3: HT - HT (PRE-IN) INPUT, this additional HT (Pre-in) signal input makes it possible to use this amplifier as a stereo power amplifier. In order to make this possible, it is necessary that you have a separate preamplifier with its own volume control, or a receiver with ‘Pre-out’ output.

Option 4: SO - SUB-OUT (PRE-OUT)

Option 5: BT- BLUETOOTH MODULE v: 5.0

With the exception of option 5, all dealers have available to them what we call, "one with the lot" option pack which is $1,499.00 inc GST and features options, 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Great value buying as a pack especially as we see option 2, 3 and 4 as features we can always use and for those that get comfy in the chair and reluctant to get out, the option 1, the remote, is quite the need and not a luxury.


In addition to the above factory options, one also has the opportunity to secure at time of purchase and at a much reduced price, the Premium Tube Selection.

For the Titania, the stock KT88 x 4 (power output), ECC83 (12AX7) x 2 (pre-amplifier and power drivers) are KT88 PSVane HiFi Series + 12ax7 Electro Harmonix.

After the event: When the budget allows or the curiosity creeps in as now you are finally enjoying good hi-fi.

The Premium Series Tube Pack for this Evolution Titania is : KT88 Electro Harmonix x4 + 12ax7s TII PSVana Treasure Mark II series x2.

This Premium Series pack we will also make available as an after market retail kit for just $1,249 inc GST. ( subject to change )

If you prefer to go the full throttle and take the plunge on the Premium Tubes when you order your new Fezz Titania, talk to your dealer then and save $$, don't wait to after as they cannot exchange.

PREMIUM TUBES SETS are installed instead of standard tubes if this Option is selected.

Note on the Power : For all of the MAXMEDIA arrivals from August 2023, the power toggle switch is located at the front and the power supplies are all beefed up and 240V rated.

All cages are easy fit and have a clear protective face so the tubes are highly visible. Personally, for us a cage is a must. For you,, it is your choice and cages are valued at $450 inc GST#.

# excludes freight.

All Fezz Amplifiers and Phono Stages are Available in some great colours to choose from. The Black Ice above will prove to be a popular choice as this silky Black finish will blend in well with most existing "Black" electronics. Silver will in no doubt prove to be very popular but in saying this, the Evergreen is creating such a stir that it is creating a great re-think on what blends in well with what simply looks so cool.

Republika = White

Silver =Moonlight

Burning Red

Big Calm = Burgundy




Titania – This is simply a Titan of Sound, Style and Elegance.

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