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The Pulse Mini has Landed

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Sneak Peak Photos, the Mini Pulse sitting above the Zen Mini also Latest Update to innuOS V2.2.3

Now InnuOS  Version 2.2.3


This release re-enables the ability to access Shared Folders as well as Ripping / Import / Backup on ZEN series Music Servers running in endpoint mode PLUS;

New Features and Improvements from V 2.2.2;

Added an option to revert to legacy ROON version 1.8

Improved home page widget editing

Server task responsiveness was improved while syncing from streaming services

In ROON mode clicking on the bottom bar now takes the user to the System Modes page

Improved support for USB drives using exFAT partitions

Improved handeling of control files of Apple MacOS systems

In search, the source icon is always displayed so it's clear where the track is from

Improved SENSE responsiveness over the network

Improved system startup time

Added an entry in advanced settings to clean and compact the Music Library Database for improved performance

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