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The MK2 have Landed

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The New LAB12 , INTEGRE4 MK2 have arrived.

LAB12 INTEGRE4 MK2 Full Tube Audiophile Integrated Amplifier

Designed & Handcrafted in Greece, this new LAB12 Integre4 Mk2 Integrated Amplifier makes great use of the new KT-170 valves.

The LAB12 Integre4 Mk2 features the brand’s innovative built-in bias system, a powerful processor and separate power supply for each channel. It also has an OLED display. The amp allows for tube rolling and sound tuning according to your personal taste. No extra equipment or technical knowledge is necessary. Direct Anode current indication and instant setting directly from the face panel.

The new, upgraded integre4 MK2 is here to bring your audio experience one step higher by taking advantage of all new powerful KT-170 power tubes.

With an exceptional build quality, separate power supply for each channel, higher Signal to Noise level, integre4 MK2 can be the ideal driver even for the most demanding speakers out there.

Available is Matt Black Finish and Frozen Silver , these amps can be optioned up with the Tube Cage to keep curious little fingers away and safe ( $299.00 inc GST)

The KT-170, More power, less heat, cleaner and crisper than the smaller siblings.

The Integre4, now on Demo now in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

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