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Pylon - Jade Twenty - in store now.

Updated: Jan 11

Pylon - Jade Twenty - A modern, technologically advanced loudspeaker, with a strong, but colourful and spatial sound, wrapped in a tasteful, timeless vintage-style enclosure – this is what motivated us when designing the Jade 20.

In this two-way design, we entrusted the lower bandwidth to a designed in house, 12-inch midwoofer with a classic, paper diaphragm. The BMS compression driver, responsible for the top, is working in a short tube with a Tractrix profile, specially designed by our engineers. The appropriate selection and efficiency of the transdu- cers allowed us to obtain a bandwidth division at around 1200 Hz. Thanks to the 8-ohm impedance and efficiency of 91dB, the Jade 20’s are easy to set up - they can be easily driven by a low-power tube amplifier and they’re showing their claws and full potential with a powerful transistor amp.

The loudspeaker housings are made of massive MDF boards, additionally reinforced with internal ribbing and trusses ensuring the appropriate rigidity of the structure. We have optimized the casings to work both on a low support, which is included in the standard equipment, and an accessory, higher stand. The Jade 20 is finished with a natural, oil-waxed American walnut veneer, emphasizing their vintage aesthetics.

The Jade 20 is an outstanding concert-like performer: a combination of "strong sound" with unlimited freedom and the natural scale of the instruments. The loudspeakers sounds vital, with a strongly marked foreground, rhythmic and strong bass and a colourful highs. RRP $5,500 .

In Store - Ready to Demo and coming to a store near you soon.

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