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Updated: Oct 14, 2023


Special Offer on the Mid Size Model.

Every Premium Wireless speaker is a product of Swiss quality, which stands for perfection, durability, and unparalleled sound. We rely on modern technologies and the highest quality materials. Elaborate manufacturing processes turn each speaker into a unique masterpiece that meets Swiss quality standards in every respect.


The elegant wireless speakers ooze a great-sounding aesthetic and offer full flexibility, high-fidelity sound quality, and a wide range of streaming services. Analog and digital inputs also enable the connection of turntables and CD players, as well as TV connection via HDMI ARC. The optional PIEGA connect plus serves as an interface between audio sources and speakers. It can be stowed away discreetly, with the bookshelf and floor-standing speakers only requiring a power supply.


The Premium Wireless Gen2 speakers are the perfect choice for audiophiles passionate about exceptional sound. The compact 2-way bookshelf speaker and the slim 3-way floor-standing speakers feature an impressive 200-watt amplification power and blend seamlessly into any environment.

The Premium Wireless Gen2 series offers flexible configuration. All speaker models can be effortlessly combined and grouped to fill every room with rich and detailed sound. Individually assigning each speaker to a stereo or mono channel delivers a tailored listening experience.

With optional wall mounting, the Premium 301 Wireless Gen2 can be installed in a space-saving manner to bring an enhanced sound sensation to even the smallest rooms.


The Premium Wireless system is ready for unforgettable musical enjoyment in just a few steps. The PIEGA connect plus easily connects to WLAN via the Google Home app. It is conveniently operated via wireless remote control, which can be used to control the volume and select the source input. Thanks to bidirectional radio technology, the current setting is indicated instantly.



How to create a listening experience for true hi-fi enthusiasts without sacrificing multi-room capabilities? With PIEGA connect plus, you can easily combine your Premium Wireless Gen2 speakers with further PIEGA Wireless series in other rooms to create a powerful multi-room system in your home.

Streaming services

Nothing is more convenient than streaming from any source. You can choose from Spotify Connect, Google Chromecast, Apple AirPlay, and Roon, among the integrated streaming clients. With DLNA and Bluetooth, the premium wireless system offers even more ways to play your favorite tunes.

Room calibration

Room calibration is an indispensable tool to unleash the full potential of the Premium Wireless system. Every room has acoustic characteristics that can significantly impact sound quality. With precise room calibration, the negative effect of these factors can be reduced. While the speakers play a rushing sound, your smartphone’s microphone analyzes the room’s acoustics. Then, overemphasized or falling frequency ranges are optimized by precisely linearizing the frequency response – with noticeable results. This means you can perfectly adapt the sound of your Premium Wireless speakers to your environment and ensure a first-class audio experience.

TV settings*

To enjoy a high-fidelity movie night, use the «Night Mode» to gradually adjust the volume and balance loud passages and quiet dialogues without constantly having to reach for the remote control. The «Bass Boost» function also lets you adjust the low frequencies to your preferences, given that they are lower than those considered in the equalizer. These adjustments only affect the TV input defined in the settings.


made in Switzerland

premium sound quality

enclosed aluminum cabinet

timeless design

integrated streaming clients

TV integration through HDMI ARC

easy setup and initial operation

user-friendly operation by remote or smartphone

DSP sound tuning

loudness function for rich sound even at the lowest volume

PIEGA Control app for room calibration and movie mode

compatible with existing multiroom systems

adaptable to different room positions (neutral/wall/corner)

LDR ribbon tweeter

The «Linear Drive Ribbon» has a long tradition in ribbon technology and is one of our core competencies. The wafer-thin aluminum foil, which takes over both the function of the membrane and the driver, delivers unbelievable precision and an unrivaled level of detail in the high-frequency range.

* The new PIEGA Control app with extended functions is expected to be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store from 04/2023.

Important Note. our dealer offer, absorbing the White and Black Colour Surcharge option has come to an end and all prices from October 2023 will reflect both the colour surcharge and the factory handling surcharge.

Photo Below c/o KLAPP AV Melbourne

Download PDF • 2.02MB

PIEGA_Premium-Serie_EN_Web copy
Download PDF • 3.55MB

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