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Only One week away now - Sydney

We have always wanted to do a show in Sydney and as it happens, we have first production run releases to show ahead of the big one, the Munich show in May. So come along and listen to the new products from Avantgarde Acoustic, leaders in Horn Loudspeaker design and featuring the all new active ITRON system in one of our rooms. The rooms are smaller than we would normally like at 4 x 6 so we will have the brand New UNO SD.

Also, just announced this month in Switzerland, PIEGA the famous speaker manufacture have produced their 2ND GENERATION of Active speakers in their Premium Series. It is more than a minor tweak, these stunning powerful speakers can be run as active or as wireless, totally in tune with todays needs. We will have set up the NEW 501 and 701 floor standing speakers.

We will have the Innuos range. the creators of the most user friendly audio streamers and servers available. They have produced an upgraded STATEMENT, the one and only "NEXT GEN", to hear is to believe, to use is but a dream so come and see how we make it so easy to love your music even more. Innuos is the player, it is also the streamer used in both rooms. Their range is bigger, better and totally logical for all audio fans and operated via many options but in this case the free, but very cool Sense App, totally cool, so simple to use.

The UNO SD fitted with Itron still require a pre-amp so we have choices, we will have the new VALVET and the CIRCLE LABS products in chain plus the updated C.O.S. DAC D10v2 and the Merason DAC1MK2. Both new products from their esteemed stables.

The supporting crew in one room will be THIXAR and the other will have splashing of Bfly audio, so serious additions.

LAB12 is always on our mind as it is for all those that first hear it.

The hype has been great and the new legion of lovers are totally intoxicated by the full lush yet powerful sound and not so crazy pricing. With a range of Amps, DACs, Phono Amps & Cables, it's worth a look and a listen, possibly a second listen to confirm what you just heard, prepare for the unexpected.

Vinyl sales continue to buck the trend and we have seen quite the interest from all sorts of audio enthusiasts and also first time vinyl lovers. Rekkord and Scheu our analogue partners both hail from Germany and where one starts at a modest purchases, the later can come bare bones, needing just a favourite arm or cartridge or one can be seduced by the new limited edition DIAMOND MAXI, fully loaded and packed to impress.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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