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AVANTGARDE ACOUSTIC -Official Pricing Announced - G3 Series - Uno and Duo Products

Updated: Feb 13, 2023


Some key technical modifications have been brought to the DUO SD (compared to the preliminary product information provided in May 2022 during the Munich High End show)

This model will use :

- the XB12 Bass driver (instead of the 10’’ as originally announced) This new generation driver is also embedded in the new Trio Spacehorns.

- the XT 3 Super tweeter with a new horn profile - same as in the TRIO G3 (instead of the XT 2 tweeter as originally announced) and is capable of reproducing frequencies up to 28.000 Hz.

- to summarize, both the DUO SD and DUO GT will share the same drivers. This brings more coherence in the Duo line

Excellence reinvented.

G3 stands for "Generation 3", the successor and next step up from our acclaimed XD series. Starting with the original Generation 1 models in 1993, this is the second time in 30 years that our technologies and product platforms have been completely renewed.

The G3 Series takes nature horn principle to its (il)– logical extreme: sheer musical power unleashed through the use of unbridled efficiency coupled to an extended frequency range.

Optional with the iTRON, fully active modules – if required with integrated wireless network capability – our patented GameChanger technology, with which we directly control the acceleration of the membranes through a perfectly orchestrated current flow. For a perfect, distortion-free, crystal

and natural sound that almost sounds like live.

Incredible detail, stunning dynamic range – both loud and soft – fabulous spaciousness and huge, customisable bass performance – that's the G3 Series.

Due to the new price list effective JAN 1, 2023, We will remove prices list prior as the increase is ++

UNO - SD -

DUO - SD -

DUO - GT -

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