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NEW : FEZZ Evolution Series - September 2023

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

300b - Taking on Fezz we have not only added a Parallel Single-Ended 300B integrated amplifier to our portfolio from under $10K we also added many new products that make the Tube Amplifier Choice just that little more exciting and now a complete line-up which includes the highly desired 300B which is typically described as having good linearity, low noise and good reliability in a single-ended triode amplifier design.

FEZZ LYBRA 300 B: While not exactly a budget amp, in the world it plays in, this is regarded as an affordable amplifier that delivers the 300B SET magic and now to a much wider audience of audio enthusiast . This new Evolution Series integrated amplifier sits at the top of the Fezz integrated amplifier offer and is a superb and extremely quiet amplifier suited to many higher efficiency speakers however not limited to.

A little about Fezz: The Fezz Audio tube amplifier line up includes no less than six different tube designs. Diving a little deeper: Who are the people behind the Fezz brand? It is in fact a well known company, both in Poland and in Europe as a whole , they are the people of Toroidy, a family run company now launching their second generation of high quality amplification which includes, tube and solid state.

As the name suggests, they are producers of toroidal transformers. It is their power transformers and, for quite some time now, their output speaker transformers (also toroidal) which are most widely known well respected amongst the known audio companies. Fact: output transformers in tube amps – often determine the quality of the amplifier and its sound field even more than the output tubes, look at Kondo as an example who boasts its power supply as the heart and soul in its design of the highly esteemed amplifiers.

Getting back to the this amplifier, the "affordable" LYBRA 300 B, PSE parallel single ended : 4x 300B, 2x 6sn7, 1x 12AX7 with auto bias producing 2 x 15WCH into 8ohm. (prices start as a standard unit with standard tubes, $8,999 inc GST)

It comes standard in a new classy modern design, perhaps borrowing a little of the modern style cues of less is more with super clean lines, it really is as one chooses to see it. The standard fit off is 3XRCA inputs and the 4 and 8 Ohm Speaker terminals.


The Options of a HT Bypass /Sub Line out, Protective Tube cage, remote control and also, if desired BT are all to be ordered pre assembly. For now our standard offer until further notice the Cage as an introductory bonus. The Remote and HT bypass will be the common other popular options we see taken up as they need to be ordered and produced as such. For home cinema fans, we can now

boost their existing set up with a talented tube amp and high end audio while not foregoing the needs of the family and their love of movie night.

On offer are some wonderfull colours.

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