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MERASON Frerot DAC. Swiss Made. Unreal Price Performance

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

"The frerot tells a very musical story, but is not falsely nice telling fairy tales about your music. If you want the beauty and emotion of your music, the frerot alone or the frerot/pow1 could end your pursuit" - Positive Feedback - 07-21-2022 | By Larry Cox | Issue 122, Also,, All three of our products are part of the Part Time Audiophile Buyer’s Guide 2022, The Best Digital Players - Now in Australia

We are delighted to be working with Daniel and Mark with from Niedal Audio Lab AG in bringing these well crafted, superb audio products to Australia.

According to the motto „less is more“, Merason products are designed and created with one goal in mind: the purest musical reproduction possible. No shuffling through complicated menus or deciphering technical jargon, just pure music. That‘s what Merason products are for. The small portfolio of products will soon be available to Audition around the country. Stay Tuned.

Merason DAC1

Input signal processing: The DAC1 has one USB, one RCA, one Toslink and one AES input. The USB input is basedon Amanero technology and ensures a low-jitter music signal thanks to two precise oscillators, which is then galvanically isolated by capacitive isolator components. The signals arriving at the other inputs are also galvanically isolated and de-jittered by means of transformers. This guarantees that no external interference can affect the sensitive signal.

Digital-to-analog conversion: The task of digital-to-analog conversion is performed by two 1794A converter mod- ules from Burr Brown. For a 5 dB improvement in dynamic range, each channel has its own device. The analog cur- rent signal is elaborately converted into a voltage signal in a discrete setup, which is buffered in Class A technology and routed to the output. The DAC1 is fully balanced, i.e. a total of four independent channels are implemented from the two converter modules to the output.

Power supply: Each functional unit has its own power supply, and in total there are twelve of them. Two output channels each are supplied by a separate linear supply with an oversized transformer.

Structure: The sound influence of components and circuit variants as well as various layouts were thoroughly tested in countless sessions by experienced listeners. This applies in particular to capacitors, voltage regulators, converter components, transistors, resistors, signal processing, I/V converters and output stages.

Made in Switzerland: The manufacture of the housing, the front panel and the control knobs and the printing, component placement, assembly, commissioning and inspection are carried out exclusively in Switzerland.

Merason frérot

Input signal processing: as described for DAC1. Digital-to-analog conversion: As described for the DAC1, except that only one 1794A converter module is used here.

Power supply: As with the DAC1, each functional unit has its own power supply, and there are ten in total. Unlikethe DAC1, all four output channels are supplied by one sup- ply, which is generated by a switching voltage regulator.

Structure: Meticulous attention has been paid to the lay- out and component selection to ensure that both ensure good sound, which has been verified in many sessions and confirmed by many listeners.

Made in Switzerland: As with the DAC1, all critical work is done exclusively in Switzerland. Available in Silver.

Merason pow1

The pow1 is perfectly tailored to the needs of the frérot. Two linear supplies power the audio section and a third lays the foundation for the individual suppliesof the digital audio and logic sections in the frérot. The transformer with large dimensions is designed according to Merason specifications.

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