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Innuos Version 2.6.2

Updated: Feb 29

If you have not done it, do it and let the system back up at its own pace as I am reading some of the comments on Audiogon which I find the same,,, it is awesome simply on sound improvements alone, but there is so much more,,,

the full changelog can be found here, but the main features we mention are:

Deezer support

Access to Tidal Max service

USB drive playback

Multiple NAS shared folders

A-Z Index navigation and customisable Music page

UI adjustments to Now Playing page and volume control

Need Storage or More Storage,, USB Drive playback

An often requested feature, we have now introduced the option to connect a USB drive and play music directly from that drive, without a need to import the files first. This feature is available for both ZEN/STATEMENT series and PULSE series.

When connecting a USB drive to your Innuos device, it will now be listed as a source under the main Music page:

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