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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The A200 is now Circle Labs' flagship integrated amplifier.

This amplifier uses proprietary solutions from Circle Labs.

The minimalist preamplifier based on the Siemens nos tube is combined with a solid-state power amplifier in Circle Power technology.

Final stage ensures appropriate dynamics and good drive for most of the loudspeakers available on the market..

Circle Labs A200

Circle Labs A200

The A200 is a hybrid integrated amplifier that offers power output of 120W/8Ω, 200W/4Ω and is equipped with a balanced XLR input, four pairs of RCA inputs and a direct power amplifier input that bypasses the preamplifier.

The amplifier is also equipped with a remote control

Volume regulation is implemented via a resistor ladder sourced from the prestigious company Khozomo. Resistors with a tolerance of 0.1% are switched using state of the art relays which guarantees the highest possible precision and long term durability traditional potentiometers can't match.

The A200's preamplifer is designed around a NOS Siemens vacuum tube with stable polarisation; this minimalist solution allows for the lowest possible number of passive components: one vacuum tube, a resistor, and a state of the art capacitor made of solid copper foil. The extremely short signal path directly influences the neutrality of sound and dynamism of transmission.

The A200's "Circle Power" topology is an original development of Circle Labs and we believe is the best combination of tube and transistor devices. This design uses a single-ended input stage with current steering of a BJT output stage and combines the detail and precision of single-ended systems with the efficiency and dynamics of balanced systems. The A200's power amplifier is a true dual-mono design with separate toroidal transformers and power supplies with a combined capacitance of 200,000µF one by one.

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Output power (RMS):

120W/8Ω, 200W/4Ω

Frequency response:

10 Hz-130 kHz (- 3dB)

Input sensitivity:

0,7V (full power)


35 dB

Input impendance:

33 kΩ:

Size (W x D x H):

430 x 376 x 176 mm

Net weight:

23 kg

Shipping weight:

28,5 kg

Power consumption

Stand by:

< 0,1W

On Const:


ON max:




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