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COS. S10 Ethernet switch8

S10 is an Ethernet switch designed to handle the frustrating lack of audio fidelity arising from streaming. Through a tested integration of power supply, clock and circuitry, it keeps exogenous noise under control. Powering up the S10 added to a hi-fi system with streaming is like uncorking one's favorite wine, bringing soothingly back the right flavour. Read the new AudioNet Review below.

A 10-port layer-2 unmanaged Ethernet switch

8 copper ports : 1000/100/10Mbps

2 SFP ports : 1000/100Mbps fiber optics

Low noise power

Toroid power transformer

Low noise filtered AC inlet

100~120Vac or 220~240Vac

Bulk smoothing capacitors (4,700uF X 12) 4 low noise regulators

Network status LEDs on/off control switch Copper ports control switch :

each port can be individually enabled or disabled

Low jitter (0.025ps) oscillators X 2


AC Line Voltage SFP Ports Copper Ports

Oscillator jiVer Power consumpUon Dimension



100~120Vac or 220~240Vac seVable

X 2, 1000/100Mbps auto-negoUated

X 8, 1000/100/10Mbps auto-negoUated

Each copper port can be individually enabled/disable 0.025 ps

10 VA

260 mm (W) X 250 mm (D) X 60 mm (H)

3.6 Kg (package not included)

Silver or Black

RRP $3,500 inc GST

COS S10 Review AudioNet English
Download PDF • 3.59MB

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