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Audio Esoterica

This Weekend in Sydney we will launch the Pylon Jade Twenty.

PYLON AUDIO JADE 20 Speakers - "a two-way design, a 12-inch midwoofer with a classic, paper diaphragm. The BMS compression driver, responsible for the top, is working in a short tube with a Tractrix profile, specially designed by our engineers. The appropriate selection and efficiency of the transducers allowed us to obtain a bandwidth division at around 1200 Hz. Thanks to the 8-ohm impedance and efficiency of 91dB, the Jade 20’s are easy to set up - they can be easily driven by a low-power tube amplifier and this weekend it will be driven by the LYBRA 300B, the new FEZZ AUDIO EVOLUTION SERIES INTEGRATED SET AMPLIFIER - "An amplifier designed for the most demanding enthusiasts of 300B tube sound. The unprecedented PSE structure operating in class A was built using the highest quality toroidal transformers, designed especially for this amplifier. This guarantees linearity and wide frequency response. Extended tube life is ensured by delayed anode voltage switching. The unique tone of the 300B tubes is free, spacious and very involving". Serving up the Tunes will be Innuos and via the new Network Switch from C.O.S, the new S10. Cables will primarily be our own MAXMEDIA cables.

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