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The Show is GO! Sydney 2023

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

It has been a great first day after such a busy lead up. The compliments keep coming so here is what we have set up.

In room 15 we have the following

Avantgarde Acoustic - NEW UNO SD - G3. starting from $50,000

Power is via the revolutionary NEW Avantgarde Acoustic ITRON Option $23,000

Pre-Amp is the Valvet - SOULSHINE MK2 $19,000

Source is the awesome Innuos - STATEMENT NEXT GEN from $$33,000

The DACs - 2 X in use

The main unit is the BEST ALL ROUNDER - the COS D10V2 which could run the entire system at $9,000 plus options

The second DAC is fresh off the plain and still running in , the luscious Merason DAC1MK2 $12,500

The Phone stage is the built in Phono of the COS D10V2 $1800

The Turntable is the SCHUE DIAMON MAXI $9000 plus (arm and cart $1000. combo)

THIXAR is "the rack" and supports all Equipment with exception of the COS as it sits on the BFLY Base Two prices vary on size.

We were going to have the new Innuos PULSAR, its in production now and great news is we will be able to deliver from MAY 10!

The MAXMEDIA USB Cables and used in conjunction with the AVANTGARDE Cables

In room 14 we have the three main brands.

LAB 12 , PIEGA and the fabulous Innuos.

System 1;

LAB12 Integre4 MK1 $8,999 powering

PIEGA Premium 301 bookshelf speakers $4,999

Fed by Innuos ZENITH streamer / server from $7,999

DAC - MERASON FREROT $2,500 with power supply $1500

System 2;

LAB12 PRE1 $3700



Innuos Phoenix NET supports the streaming $5,700

Innuos Phoenix USB supports the ZENITH $5,700

Cables in this system are a combination of the LAB12 Connection series

The MAXMEDIA USB Cables and a variety of stock studio cables.

Bases used are BFLY

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