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Piega Coax Series 2 Launched

PIEGA is committed to providing best-in-class loudspeakers and superior sound quality, enabling music to not only be heard but also felt and experienced. Through innovation, ingenious materials and a lot of courage to blaze new trails, we build loudspeakers for you to enjoy a perfect musical experience – and have been doing so for over 35 years.

Building the NEW:


October 2022

Once again, PIEGA redefines the boundaries of possibility with a remarkable

relaunch of its highly successful Coax series.

While the established masterpieces Coax 711, 511, and 311 developed by Kurt Scheuch have received targeted optimisations only, the four brand new high-end models of the second generation inspire with their unprecedented sound, captivating dynamics, and timeless elegance. We will focus our initial energies on these three new Models.

The COAX 411 bookshelf, the COAX 611 floor standers and the Top of the line model the COAX 811.


Particular attention should be paid to the exceptional coaxial mid-range tweeter, which catches the eye at first sight in the new design. Extra cross-bracing and a visually striking central web allow the integration of an additional neodymium magnet above the tweeter, thus creating greater overall efficiency. A newly developed special coating on the foil used exclusively in the mid-range of the Coax 811, 611, 411, and the center 211, linearizes the frequency response in the lower transmission range, facilitating a lower transition to the bass. The coax driver covers a wider frequency range, emitting sounds from 450 Hz. And even the sensitive range of vocals is reproduced flawlessly contributing to a well-balanced and harmonious sound pattern.


Perfected PIEGA sound quality for a unique music experience

New C112+ and C212+ coaxial ribbons for even finer detail and wider frequency ranges

Larger extruded aluminium cabinets of superior craftsmanship for increased volume

Elimination of resonances with new TIM2 modules and damping foils

Timeless, modern design by Stephan Hürlemann

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