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MEZZO - G3 2024 - April

Updated: Apr 3

They have arrived in Melbourne and I have 70+ hours up.

Ahead of the Munich 2024 High End, Avantgarde have released details on the new Mezzo about to hit production this week.

While the shape may be similar to previous Mezzo models, now more than ever the big divide between Duo GT and the Trio is bridged.


107 dB sensitivity

Horn loaded bass reflex system

18 ohm Omega midrange driver

670 mm spherical midrange horn

Phase correction mechanism for tweeter

Soft mesh membrane

Midrange without passive freq. crossover

100V PolarisationPlus circuit

2 x 12-inch bass driver (with 152mm voice coil)

1.000 Watt subwoofer amplifier

Digital sound processor with EQ

The DUO MEZZO is our absolute top-of-the-rangemodel in the Duo series. Designed for customers who cannot place the TRIO with SPACEHORN due

to space limitations, but who still demand the non-plus-ultra in terms of bass performance. When designing the DUO MEZZO, we were

inspired by the legendary models of the last century: Altec Lansing's Voice of the Theatre A7, Tannoy's Westminster Royal SE, Elektro Voice's SentryIII and JBL's 4435. All speakers with powerfulwoofers combined with horns for the mid and

high frequencies. A timeless, impressive concept that has lost none of its enduring fascination. We have set ourselves the task of bringing these clas-

sic concepts into the present, using our expertise and the latest technological possibilities.

The original DUO MEZZO was launched in 2006 and with virtually no technological changes - has since become our best-selling top-of-the-range

model. The original design was created by HannesWettstein and Tobias Adami in Zurich. With the DUO MEZZOG3, we are now launching its successor after more than 17 years. A full-range horn loudspeaker that has never been seen before in its

consequence and uncompromising nature. A DUO MEZZOG3 that pays tribute to its role models of the past and comes ever closer in sound to our actual reference "TRIO G3 with SPACEHORN".

The DUO MEZZOG3 midrange/treble unit is based on the large, low-frequency 670mm spherical wave horn from the Duo series, combined with the 200mm XT3 super-tweeter from the Trio series. The crossover has been redesigned using the new NatureCapPlusG3,, capacitor with a special high grade foil and an adapted circuit layout.

With the new DUO MEZZOG3 , the phase of the tweeter is not corrected by tilting the speaker, but by a special rotary mechanism that allows the tweeter to be moved forward or backward. At the heart of the new DUO MEZZOG3 is a com-pletely new bass concept. Based on the classic models of large classical cinema systems, we now use a large horn loaded bass reflex system. At the Frontside, the sound is emitted via a short 0.645 square metre horn. At the back, the sound is coupled through an enlarged cabinet volume with

two huge 120mm bass reflex tubes firing downwards. Instead of one large 15-inch driver, we use two much lighter 12-inch drivers. The XB12 with their 6-inch motor structure are the benchmark interms of power to weight ratio of the movingmass.

The result is a level of bass power and perfor-

mance that is unrivalled by any other supers-

peaker system on the market. Regardless of price.


Enlarged horn loaded bass reflex system for an uncompromising bass power and performance.

• New generation Evolution drivers for increased dynamics, lower distortion, and even purer sound.

• Innovative XT3 tweeter with new ‘Long Throw’ Horn, extended super tweeter frequency range

and record-breaking low distortion values. Variable phase correction of the XT3 tweeter via a precision

mechanism with a user-friendly rotary knob.

• Coplanar arrangement of the acoustic centre of all drivers, for stunning musical and spatial coherence.

• NatureCapPlusA, Avantgarde’s unique, proprietary new pure copper super-capacitor, with outstanding

specs and incredibly delicate sound.

• Equipped as standard with the E-Fuse circuitry, an electronic fuse for an even more precise

dynamic reproduction.

Optional patented and fully active iTRON Current Drive, for perfect control of the driver and the one to be used is made purely for the Mezzo output and the ultimate sound.

• Iconic and instantly recognizable design language, combined with future-proof

modular technology for easy, future electronic upgrades.

• Multiple lacquer or wooden veneer finishes of the bass cabinets and new elegant colour and design options for

an even more individual configuration of your dream loudspeaker.

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