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LAB12 - Upgrade to Gen 3 soon

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

News in From Greece: Due to to ongoing component supply issues, a solution was required and in so doing a revision and update has been created and it is now even better than it was!

"We added 2 X toroidal power transformers for the power supply stage.

1: That means that the topology will soon be fully dual mono and we manage to have much higher current to both channels.

2: Benefit is the Integre4 MK2 and Suara can now exploit KT170 even more also,

3: The noise floor of amplifiers is lower at about 3 dB on each channel

4: Also the sound stage is now wider due to better separation and higher dynamics.

5: Toroid power transformer electromagnetic effect on Output transformers and tubes is lower than previous classic transformers with only benefits from this.

5: Last but not least we also upgrade the aesthetics of amplifier with a full steal cover for all transformers. This not only provide a better electromagnetic shield but also the device is more modern and minimal on design.

We will also proceed on further updates on all amplifiers looking for the best performance for the money , as always, these improvements do come at a cost and this will be effective as of today".

Our request to have a front power toggle switch on all stereo / power amplifiers has also been met and all products arriving from now will feature the above modification.

We will provide official announcement and pictures as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

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