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C.O.S. D10 V2

The major changes are a new sub 0.1ps jitter oscillator for the converter so by a full magnitude better; improved regulator and bypass capacitors for this oscillator; a lower-jtter TXCO also for the streaming module; and a new power transformer for the analog circuitry. That supports 110VAC all the way up to 240VAC so wastes less energy, creates less stress/heat with a more efficient iron core, thicker coils and a special winding topology to further lower emitted noise.

Product Re-Cap-

The ever lower COSt of multiplication.

Analog preamp with XLR/RCA inputs.

Full-featured dual-differential 24/192 BurrBrown DAC.

Headphone amp.

Streamer with MQA.

Phono stage.

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