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Updated: Mar 4

See us in April - New Releases Ahead of Munich

Get in early for tickets

In a little over a month the Sydney Hi Fi Show will once again show case ahead of Munich some fabulous sounding Hi-Fi gear from various suppliers and we are pleased to introduce some very exciting new products.

This Year we have taken over the Port Jackson Room.

We have extended an invitation to our friends in Leica to showcase their new projector products where we will partner with Piega Active Wireless Speakers, the Premium Wireless to offer a seamless integration. Great Visuals with a awesome sound.

The Room will cater for purveyors of quality and refinement that appreciate the fact that all good things do come at a cost and thats OK as they want the best in any case. So we do have the Avantgarde Mezzo G3, never been seen or heard, why, as the first three pairs are literally coming of the production run and we get one of these in the stunning Orange, the Total Eclipse dressed to impress and fitted out with a very special version of the iTron, purpose built for the MEZZO .

The support crew from the Digital Masters of Innuos who not only produce great audio from their devices at finger point control, they exceed expectations on any benchmark comparison. I will add to the support products later for this system.

For some great affordable Hi-Fi is what they need and we can and do deliver this and more , much more with a mixture of the FEZZ and Pylon products that produce a design and build quality that is to be seen and then appreciated and even before one gets a listen in as they are stunning. One is quickly taken by tubes done right so not only will you get to hear a set of KT-88 purr through the fabulous and fashionable Jade Twenty, the New DAC, The New Pre and the New Phono Stage will be on board and in action to add to the flavour.

We have more, much more,, so you will need to come by and say hello and pull up a chair and have a listen to appreciate what it is we do. See you soon.

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