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PIEGA is committed to providing best-in-class loudspeakers and superior sound quality, enabling music to not only be heard but also felt and experienced. Through innovation, ingenious materials and a lot of courage to blaze new trails, we build loudspeakers for you to enjoy a perfect musical experience – and have been doing so for over 35 years.

Unique in so many ways

The New COAX

PIEGA ML3.jpeg
PIEGA ML3.jpeg


Based in Horgen on Lake Zurich, PIEGA develops and builds loudspeakers with the superlative quality and timeless elegance that comes from Swiss perfection. We are committed to producing an outstanding audio experience based on leading edge technologies and constant innovation. Our scientific approach to loudspeakers is due to the fact that we are only satisfied with the highest quality.


The reproduction of music is the central focus of everything we do. Our loudspeakers are known for their outstanding sound quality, which we ensure through meticulous craftsmanship, precision, technology and as well passion. Have a look for yourself – and learn in our “behind the scenes” vidoes more about what matters to us when building speakers!

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PIEGA range overview 

Made with surgical precision to provide the ultimate in audio pleasure. 



The PIEGA connect plus combines the qualities of its predecessor model PIEGA connect with additional connectivity options, an HDMI input, and integrated streaming clients. Thereby, the PIEGA connect plus serves as an interface between existing hi-fi components and the speakers of the Premium Wireless series. The handling of your sound system is even more intuitive and easily controlled with your smart device.

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With the second generation of the Premium Wireless series, PIEGA sets new standards in wireless music reproduction and presents the perfect symbiosis of refined design, connectivity, and incomparable sound.


The enhancements made in the second generation are remarkable and take wireless music enjoyment to a whole new level. All models of the Premium Wireless series are equipped with a completely new sound tuning and a linearization by DSP for depth-rich basses. The now enclosed aluminum cabinets ensure precise and controlled bass reproduction as well as enhanced impulse fidelity.


Made in Switzerland

premium sound quality

enclosed aluminum cabinet

timeless design

integrated streaming clients

TV integration through HDMI ARC

easy setup and initial operation

user-friendly operation by remote or smartphone

DSP sound tuning

loudness function for rich sound even at the lowest volume

PIEGA Control app for room calibration

compatible with existing multiroom systems

adaptable to different room positions (neutral/wall/corner)

Wireless without Compromise

The Piega Premium 701 - Wireless Generation GEN 2

If you are seeking a minimal visual impact system that can deliver maximum output then look no further than the new creation from Switzerland. Lets face it, you like the idea of a sleak soundbar speaker system and then you get it home and its "WT", I can't live with that, I need to get a better one" and this cycle often only ends in frustration  all for the sake of a minimal visual impact. Well, you needn't worry about speaker cables or heavy amplifiers etc if this is what you want to avoid as Piega has the answer. The Premium Series of Piega are available in the traditional passive speaker option and they sound great when,, they are paired up to a suitable amplifier.  So what is a suitable amplifier,, I say for this series, something with a decent amount of grunt, a Lab12 Integre4 Tube amp for example would be quite decent partner as power to weight it delivers in spades,  but alas for a solid state amp, something that would come with many KG attached to it would be required.  The smarts at Piega have created what many speaker manufactures  are now working on, the ACTIVE SPEAKER and who better to deliver a great amplifier to run their speakers than the speaker company themselves  cleverly housed in their speaker chassis.  Pair it up with the clever hub that acts as your central control pod and you have everything  you could need for a great Hi - FI and A/V Experience . Pick up the The PIEGA connect. Control where you need it. 

Simple - Elegant -  Awesome 

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The “Linear Drive Ribbon” has a long tradition in ribbon technology and is one of our core competencies. The wafer-thin aluminum foil, which takes over both the function

of the membrane and the driver, delivers unbelievable precision and an unrivaled level of detail in the          high-fre- quency range.

As we many of us get older and we think our hi-fi needs to improve as it doesn't sound as good as it once did, well there may be some truth in this or it may be a combination off hearing loss and what we once thought was good was really only good at the time or what one could afford. 

Let's face it  cars get safer, computers get faster and "good" audio gets better. Isn't it time you spent a little more to get something much better after all, your ears deserve it as does those around you. They may not like your music taste so let that be their only complaint. 



This innovative dipole speaker enables an extraordinary music experience anywhere in your living space

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