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Innuos is the name for High Fidelity Digital  Servers and Streamers.  

Awarded and Applauded and when you Experience it you will understand Why!


Our flagship server, designed to take digital audio to a new level of performance - it's state-of-the-art source for the most discerning audiophiles.

The optional Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade is available now for both new or existing units.

• Optional Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade available now

• High End Standard PSU with 8 Independent Linear PSU rails

• Innovative Power Supply Architecture distributed between 2 enclosures

• 10mm CNC-machined aluminium chassis

• 8GB RAM with 4GB In-Memory Playback

• EMI-optimised motherboard exclusively designed for Innuos

• New Generation Quad-core Intel CPU

• Custom-designed Ethernet and USB Reclockers with 3ppb OCXO clocks

• Asymmetrical isolation feet


Music Server/Streamers 


Optional Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade now available

The STATEMENT Next-Gen Power Supply Upgrade is the result of Innuos ongoing Research and Development efforts in close collaboration with the long-term partner Dr. Sean Jacobs. The impressive improvement in sound quality is achieved by an innovative power supply design and significant component upgrades:

The Power section uses two custom-designed ARC6 AC/DC modules – each containing a new high-precision Active Rectifier board, a massive 10mH DC Choke and almost 4 times more capacitance provided by six Mundorf caps. The ARC6 modules are mounted on the new Adaptive Vibration Control (AVC) platform, a combination of Panzerholz wood with a specific density gel layer, which is highly effective at dampening high-frequency vibration coming from the chassis.

In the server section, the regulator modules include a dedicated CPU Booster module, providing up to 15A of current to the CPU for faster transients. All rails are further smoothed by new Audio Note KAISEI capacitors benefitting all the main components: Motherboard, USB Reclocker, Ethernet Clock module and SSD.

The results are crystal clear: Increased realism with even more detailed textures, expansive soundstage and improved dynamics.


Standard PSU with 8 Independent Linear Rails

Each critical component of the server receives its own dedicated power supply from one of the 8 independent power rails, further preventing component cross-contamination. Of particular note is the use of a dedicated power supply for each of the Ethernet and USB high-precision OCXO clocks, ensuring these clocks work at their best.


Innovative Power Supply Architecture

Partnering once again with Dr. Sean Jacobs, the power supply architecture was designed exclusively for the Statement. For both PSU versions power supply is distributed between two enclosures, with one enclosure containing the AC/DC conversion stage and the other containing the regulation stage together with the server components.

The advantage is clear: regulated “clean” power traverses a very short path, soldered point to point, with the least impedance and exposure to EMI. This is superior in efficiency compared to a traditional architecture where a separate power supply is used – regulated “clean” power needs to go through more obstacles of internal cabling, output connectors, cable, input connectors and more internal cable before it reaches its destination.


Custom-designed Motherboard

The motherboard has been fully EMI-optimised to our own exclusive design by, removing any unnecessary, noise-generating components capable of compromising audio. A fully-customised BIOS ensures the hardware works at its lowest noise without impairing performance. Further EMI treatment is then applied to the motherboard so that EMI is absorbed rather than reflected to other components.


Custom-designed Ethernet and USB Re-clocker

Not fully satisfied with existing USB and Ethernet re-clocking designs, Innuos designed in-house their own boards for this purpose.

At the heart of the design are 3 principles: The use of very high-precision OCXO clocks for timing the signals, extreme care in powering important components preventing cross-contamination, and extremely short paths between components.

While the use of OCXO clocks is not new, the way they are powered and the layout of the board has proven to be extremely important for their performance. As an example, dozens of USB controllers were analysed in terms of how they were powered and clocked so that they allowed this control to be done externally. The USB Controller is regulated by no less than 3 ultra-low noise regulators, one per independent voltage.

Keeping the clock very close to the controllers, via a dedicated track on the board itself, helps to avoid the losses in signal quality that come with the use of external clock units.


10mm CNC-machined Aluminium Chassis

Housed in a casing of 10mm-thick CNC-machined aluminium, the Statement is not just a pretty face. The thick metal enclosure helps to isolate external EMI, and its weight helps dampen harmful vibration into the system. By using a double-enclosure design, it also helps to contain the vibration effects of the massive 540VA toroidal transformer at its heart.


MQA Core Decoding

STATEMENT supports MQA Core Software Decoding, which means you can playback MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original master recording. MQA Core software decoding is provided free of charge and enables streaming and playback of MQA files up to 24bit/96 kHz for non-MQA DACs and up to 24bit/384 kHz for MQA Renderer/Decoder DACs. STATEMENT can also passthrough MQA files to MQA Full Decoder DACs.

InnuOS Operating System 2.3 or higher is required for MQA Core Decoding.

Awards and Reviews on the Statement and Statement Next Gen are many and glowing, please reach out to us to find out where you can audition in your State. 


Phoenix USB Reclocker  

The PhoenixUSB Reclocker takes the USB signal from any source and completely regenerates it to an extremely high-precision signal to feed into your DAC, allowing it to perform at its best.

he PhoenixUSB offers in one unit the equivalent of 3 separate components: A USB regenerator, a linear power supply and an external master clock with its own linear power supply.

Innuos applied 3 main design approaches learning from their experience with the Innuos flagship music server, the STATEMENT:


The USB chip regenerating the signal contains no switching regulators. All 3 independent voltages to the chip originate from an independent linear power supply with further regulation provided by 3 sets of LT3045 regulators.


The use of a 3ppb OCXO clock running directly at 24MHz and connected via a board track just a couple of inches away from the USB chip. Therefore, no precision is lost within cables and connectors, as is the case when using an external master 10MHz clock with an additional 24MHz clock generator.


Two independent Statement-level linear power supplies, one dedicated to the OCXO clock and the other used for powering the USB chip/5V USB line.

Innuos PhoenixUSB black_bg.jpg

Phoenix Net- Audiophile-grade Network Switch

Designed from the ground up for network audio

Typical IT network switches/routers are designed with the sole purpose of taking data from A to B with a noise floor and precision that is "enough" for the rate of transmission. This is fine for data networks but when sensitive components such as DACs and Pre-Amplifiers are involved, it will have an audible impact on sound quality. PhoenixNET can improve sound quality when used with nearly any audio component, even our flagship STATEMENT music server/streamer.

The PhoenixNET is the realization of Innuos' philosophy of simplicity and signal purity applied to the network switch. Having started with improvements to the Ethernet ports' clock on our flagship Statement, Innuos has now brought the concept to a network switch design that focuses exclusively on audio use for musical details that stand out, a blacker background, better instrument separation and realism.

Design is focused on 4 areas: Noise, Clock, Power and Vibration.



Minimize Network Switch Noise

Simpler 100mbps network switch chip results in lower operating noise floor compared to Gigabit

Network switch chip with no internal switching regulators. All 3 independent voltages supplied by internal Statement-grade linear power supply with independent ultra-low noise regulation.

Massive individual Network Isolation Transformers to further isolate from noise coming from router or connected devices

Just the right amount of Individually shielded, high quality ethernet ports soldered directly to the board with no ethernet activity lights as blinking leds introduce considerable electrical noise.

EMI absorption at the right places so that interference produced can be captured before influencing other components.


Increase Clocking Precision and Stability

Using the same 3ppb 25MHz OCXO oscillator as used in the Statement, individually powered by its own linear power supply and connected directly to the network switch chip, avoiding precision losses from using external master clocks.


Provide Pristine Power to the Components

Two independent STATEMENT-grade linear power supplies with Mundorf Caps to power individually the OCXO clock and the mainboard, keeping the power path short with less opportunity for EMI contamination.


Minimize Vibration on Components

Vibration was managed at 3 levels: Anti-Vibration feet tuned to the resonant frequency of the chassis, top cover treatment to convert vibration captured from sound waves into small amounts of heat and sturdy RJ45 ports with silicone connection to the chassis.

Innuos Sense App 

Innuos Sense App, a powerful and elegant music management tool, works with our in-house developed Operating System – InnuOs.


Read the Inn-sights Blog for details on the latest innuOS updates.

Innuos Sense is our control App which is offered with all our music server/streamers as well as our network players.


A powerful music management tool that works the way you do. Integrated with our Operating System – innuOS - Sense is made to help you manage, organize and play your music and navigate streaming services with ease.


Sense App is available on iOS, Android or Amazon Fire devices and can also be accessed through any web browser.

At the heart of the Innuos Sense App is its tight integration with our Operating System: innuOS, which represents a profound change on both the UI and the backend of the music servers and allows complete Music Library playback and management through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Controlled by their Innuos Sense App or simply through any web browser, navigating your music collection is now more intuitive and responsive, offering a premium experience whether you’re ripping CDs, creating playlists, importing files, or exploring streaming services.


"It manages your music collection so elegantly and instinctually, your interaction with music becomes that bit more effortless."


- Alan Sircom, hi-fi +

Innuos Sense Logo_1024x1024px.png
innuOS 2.0 - Home.png
innuOS 2.0 - Integrated Music Library.png

Changing the way people interact with music


01.Fast, intuitive and easy to use

It offers one place to browse, play and manage your entire music library. It is sleek and responsive allowing you to immerse yourself in what matters most, your music.

02. Seamless across local, streaming and internet radio

It offers an integrated way to browse all your music, combining your music library, internet radio and streaming services.

03.Explore your music and discover new one

Capability to fully explore your music library allowing you to discover related artists, albums, and the ability to see albums of the same artist while searching a specific track/album..

04.Create or edit your Playlists

Access playlists through your connected streaming services, and easily create new ones in Sense that can bring together songs from multiple different sources. Export these to a USB drive to play them through or another Innuos device, or play them elsewhere such as your car stereo (local files only).

05.Powerful Smart Search

Innuos developed an intelligent search engine that works across all music-related content, from track titles to radio stations, playlists to genres – you can even use multiple terms such as adding year of release to refine your search.


Innuos Sense App

Innuos Music Servers allow connecting to different types of music systems. Depending on the type of connection used, you will need different apps in order to browse and play music on your Music Server. Generally, there are 4 main options:



Music Server connected directly to a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC);

Music Server connected to UPnP Streamer(s) via Ethernet network;

Music Server connected to Sonos Wireless Speakers;

Music Server as a Roon Core or Roon Bridge.

Now InnuOS  Version 2.6+ allows you to play directly from a connected USB storage device plus much more. 

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