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HI-FI Specials 


Please note products are offered "as is". If it is a product we have  imported, we do offer our own warranty to assure you, we are here to support you in any way.  

All interested buyers, please email us at




Audio Research CD 3 - NEW Mech from MK2

$,1150 AUD + GST SOLD 


#2 In As New Condition

 AMR - CD-777 - Silver


$2,950 AUD + GST

Rated voltage is 115V OR  230V on 50/60Hz supplies.


#3 Well Loved : AMR CD-77


now with new Laser Installed. 

 Titanium -  2007 Build . Remote and Flight Case included  

Rated voltage is universal, from 90-135V and 190-260V, on 50/60Hz supplies. Dimensions are 75cm x 55cmx 22cmWxHxD.  

Weight is 50kg  in shipping case. 

$3.550 AUD  + GST


# 4 Well Loved AUDIONET ARTG2

CD PLAYER & DAC - Silver 

Imported by us and we very much enjoyed this Beauty of a CD player. 

$3,330 AUD + GST



Audio Research CD3

In Original box, with remote !I  Just serviced on August 26th and a new MK2 mech has been installed and it is working well delivering a lovely sound. I have listened to this machine many times over the years and its a great buy.  Suit high end CD player buyer on a budget.

COAX and AES/EBU out plus this features a Balanced XLR as well as SE RCA analogue out.  240V rated unit. 

Use it as a transport or use it as intended, this is a sweet sounding CD player. 



What a beast of a CD player and at the time, I could not find a CD player that could match the organic sound this product delivered. Best sitting on a pair of roller ball juniors I found that gave the machine just a little bit more sparkle up top once warm.  At the heart of the CD-77 is the Philips TDA1541A Digital-to-Analogue Converter. Despite having ceased production over a two decades ago, this chipset was selected as no other chipset came remotely close to offering so much musical satisfaction at the time. 

For your peace of mind, the Laser in this machine has now been replaced and the unit is priced well below  market value.  Universal Power 

Rated voltage  from 90-135V and 190-260V, on 50/60Hz supplies. 


AMR CD-777

This lovely CD Player is has digital in/out and a USB DAC in Mint Condition, all books but no remote and no original box sorry.Despite being the smaller sibling to the CD-77, The unit was one of my favourite spinners. It takes less time to warm up and has greater connectivity as standard offering plus it is so much lighter and less strain on the back. 

Digital Interface : USB  plus S/PDIF in and out.  

Analogue : XLR & RCA outputs.



Almost monolithic build, yet inside the ART G2 is subtle and detailed.ART G2 is geared towards the requirements of classical stereophony. Expert connoisseurs of high-quality musical reproduction will find the product not only delivers the aural satisfaction they dream of, but even opens up previously un- known musical realms.

Top loader with damping MDF, aluminium and granite casing construction : 230V~240V Rated Unit


Solid aluminium cover (10 mm), run on Teflon bearings


Audionet proprietary Aligned Resonance technology additionally decouples transport unit and boards as well as the clock generator


Disc stablizer (puck) made of POM


Separate power supplies for read-out and converter unit


Completely DC-coupled, no capacitors in the signal path


Discrete, extremely fast and stable filter and output stages


D/A converter function with USB/SPDIF digital input


Audionet Intelligent Sampling technology with 192 kHz / 24 bits


Audionet HighBit-Interface with 192 kHz / 24 bits output


AES-EBU output with 96 kHz / 24 bits


Digital outputs can be switched off





well used and loved. available now for

$3,700 + GST

With coaxial and USB inputs

Includes Remote Control 

Made in Germany 

Imported by us. 



The Amplifier  - SAM V2 

well used and loved. available now for

$3,300 + GST

Power output:

110 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

16 KG - via ARTG2 remote 

Made in Germany 

Imported by us.

Buy Both for $6,000 + GST



QUEEN 3 -  for sale in stunning like new condition  $2,250 plus GST + Freight that roughly 1/3 of the new price. 
Imported by us and still in the original crate


Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)

Construction: Mechanically tuned spacing, length and

Micro Mono-Filament design

Conductors: 1 x 16 AWG

Material: Silver-plated 99.99999% solid-core OFC

Capacitance: 2.75 pF/ft

Inductance: 0.5 µH/ft

Velocity of Propagation: 96% speed of light

Termination: Gold-plated Spade or Z-plug Banana


Kingsound Queen Hybrid Loudspeaker System


An elegant and popular hybrid system, with detachable ESL panels

for easier fitting in your room, capable of a full frequency response range.



- Sleek and elegant.

- Highest audio resolution possible.

- New concept: separate acoustic design for easier fitting in your room.

- Full range frequency response


Queen Hybrid Electrostatic speaker with nano particle diaphragm coating.

Our Queen is not only tall and elegant, but also unique: as a new concept, she features a detachable sleek ESL panel -

consisting of three treble modules - on top of the woofer for easier fitting in your room. The Queen is also capable of a full range frequency response.

The 5.25" woofer is in a transmission line cabinet and perfectly integrates with the electrostatic elements. This is one of the smoothest sounding speakers you will ever listen to.

The Queen is very room friendly with only a 20 degree arc in radiation pattern from 1.2K up. You may place the queens very close to the side walls and point them towards your ears in your listening position.


Unlike certain other electrostatic speakers the Queen is a flat dipole providing the optimum figure 8 radiation pattern. Roger Sanders invented the curvelinear electrostatic panel design and then abandoned it because it doesn't image as well as a flat panel. The narrower your radiation pattern the less room interaction you get and as a consequence the better your imaging gets.


This is a spectacular speaker when you treat it right.



- Frequency response: 38 Hz ~ 25 KHz

- Sensitivity: Equivalent to 85 db / 1W / 1m, measured at 4 meters

- Impedance: Normal 8 ohm

- Crossover frequency: 1.2KHz

- Woofer diameter: 135 mm ( 5.25 inches )

- Audio power ( min / max ): 40 / 100 Watts ( music )

- Power input: DC 11 ~ 15 V , 120 mA ( AC - DC adaptor included )

- Size: (ESL) 175 ( W ) x 210 ( D ) x 935 ( H ) mm

- Size: (Woofer) 225 ( W ) x 295 ( D ) x 660 ( H ) mm

- Weight: Net weight (ESL) 7 Kg / Each

- Weight: Net weight (Woofer) 13 Kg / Each


The electrostatic loudspeaker is very simple in concept, but difficult to construct successfully in practice. lts operation relies on electrostatic attraction and repulsion, in much the same way as a piece of thin paper attracted to a rubber balloon that is charged by rubbing it against fabric.


The electrically charged ultra-thin conductive film diaphragm is tensioned and placed close between two metal grids. When a high voltage audio signal is applied to the metal grids, the diaphragm moves in response to the signal, moving towards the grid which at that instant is oppositely charged, and away from the grid which has the same charge as the diaphragm. The diaphragm responds in an essentially linear manner, producing sound waves which are a very accurate reproduction of the original sound.


1. Planar Reproduction


Imagine a normal speaker as a point source, from which the sound waves produced diffract at a great angle . This causes rapid decrease in volume and quality over a short distance.


Then imagine a flat electrostatic panel producing sound from the same input signal. This time the sound waves are produced over a large, flat area, therefore have very little diffraction and the volume decreases much less over the same distance. This also gives:


Traditional loudspeaker system

Small diaphragm sounding area, big pressure variations, high distortion.

Coil-driven cone motion, producing large diffraction.

Thick diaphragm with high inertia, wave-shooting apparatus is needed to restore and support.

High degree distortion, unable to restore tiny musical signals.

Single side sounding.

Magnetic force drive. Easy magnetization.

Working state is low voltage high current. Slew rate is small.


Electrostatic loudspeaker system

The weight of the diaphragm is equal to that of a piece of hair. Able to restore any tiny musical signals.

Flat diaphragm, producing sound waves of very little diffraction. The result is live performance in the room!

Double side sounding push-pull drive, low distortion, wide sound field, Hi-Fi!Double-face sounding area, numerous sounding sources, small pressure variations, low distortion.

Working state is high voltage small current. Slew rate is big.

Electric field drive. No magnetization


1. DC input

The traditional electrostatic loudspeakers all adopt 110V ~ 220V AC power supplies, which are difficult to meet the international standard for safety. Through many years of research and accurate calculations, we drew a conclusion that a 12V / 0.15A power supply can fully satisfy the amount of energy required for driving the diaphragms of our highly efficient electrostatic loudspeakers, hence it can ensure the safety of the device as the service power is less than 2W.


2. Nanotechnology-applied sounding membrane

The electrostatic-driven membrane requires a conduction treatment in order to vibrate in an alternating electric field. We have developed our own nano-coating material with strong adhesive properties, which allows the vibrating diaphragm to have lower requirements for energy, faster response, in-phase change with the music signal and more penetrating sound.


3. Cell-structure signal plates

The signal plates of the electrostatic loudspeaker have two functions: 1) sound channelling: the sound produced by the vibrating membrane comes out from the sounding plates, so it is necessary to have as high a hole-density as possible for good sound penetration; 2) the plates are also electrodes, generating the alternating electric field to drive the membrane, so it should have good conductivity, which requires as large a conduction area and thickness as possible (but in the case of excessive thickness, the hole resonance may affect the high frequency); the traditional electrostatic sounding plates consist of thin punched plates with straight or diagonal round-hole arrangements. However, only the cell-structure punch has the best sound penetration performance and the most uniform distribution of conduction area (of the static electric field), which meets two index requirements for the perfect electrostatic sounding plates, boasting the strongest electric field, highest efficiency, lowest distortion and best comprehensive performance under the condition of the same hole-density. 


4. Surface protection technology

The electrostatic loudspeaker can be considered as a capacitor that uses air as the conductive medium. Its operating state is greatly influenced by the ambient conditions (temperature and humidity), mainly because: 1) the intensity of the electric field is affected by the changes of medium coefficient; 2) the drain current between both sounding plates will increase under high temperature and high humidity; 3) the leakage of polarization voltage of the vibrating diaphragm is greatly influenced by the changes of medium (air). We apply special surface protection treatment to the sounding plates and vibrating membrane, which acts as an insulation layer against temperature and humidity, and it also acts as a cut-off layer of current and voltage between both sounding plates as well as between the sounding plates and the vibrating diaphragm. Therefore, the problems that exist in the traditional electrostatic loudspeakers can be fundamentally solved, and the loudspeakers are therefore less influenced by the environment and more durable.


There is a maximum limit for the input voltage for all electrostatic loudspeakers, because when the voltage increases to a certain level, the air between the sounding plates and the vibrating diaphragm will be punctured which will damage the loudspeaker. The higher the allowable maximum input voltage is, the higher the acceptable power of the loudspeaker. Relying on the advanced treatment technology for sounding plate and vibrating diaphragm, our gap (between sounding plate and vibrating diaphragm) is 1/3 shorter than that of the traditional electrostatic loudspeaker under the condition of the same acceptable power of the loudspeaker. The intensity of the electric field is inversely proportional to the square of the gap and the small gap requires the small amplitude and small distortion of the vibrating diaphragm, so our electrostatic loudspeaker has higher efficiency, lower distortion and faster response. 


5. Unit-type production

The traditional electrostatic loudspeaker adopts the single-piece massive vibrating diaphragm design. For this massive but extremely thin diaphragm, it is difficult to make it flat, not to mention the multiprocessing and fitting with other fittings. Due to so many working procedures, it is difficult to operate and it is almost impossible to ensure complete uniformity. However, the above procedures have some influence on the performance of the loudspeaker. Our electrostatic loudspeaker adopts the unit-type production. The single massive piece is divided into multiple small pieces, the dimensions of all modules are controlled by the moulds for the conformity and the fittings are mounted with the fixture to ensure the conformity of assembly, so as to ensure the high quality and conformity of our electrostatic loudspeaker to the maximum.


6. Multi-unit complex

For the full band electrostatic loudspeaker, we adopt the division and coordination design of the large and small units: the large part for LF replay and the small part for MF and HF. The dimensions of the units are confirmed after the repeated simulations, calculations and tests by the computer so as to make it all the more conform to the acoustics principles with lower frequency of LF replay and higher frequency of HF replay. The complex design of two vertical bass and alt line sources removes the pressure of room ceiling and floor on the sound so that the replay sound is more relaxed, which greatly improves the level and vertical diffusion of the loudspeaker, yielding a wider sound field and more live effects .

Overall advantages : 


1. Plane driven, good positioning, less acoustic attenuation with the listening distance than the traditional loudspeaker (The traditional one is index attenuation while the electrostatic one is linear). Both good near and far sound fields. It may be the best loudspeaker for near sound field at present.


2. The electrostatic loudspeaker itself adopts push-pull drive with zero distortion theoretically. Besides, it has double-sided sounding which is closer to the actual sounding objects. For example, though the violin and the piano have certain directivity via sound conduction, the overall sounding condition is 360° sound conduction.


3. The thickness of the vibrating diaphragm is 1/100 of that of traditional loudspeaker. It adopts full drive (uniform distribution of driving points on the whole surface of the diaphragm) without the division vibration and energy remnant. It has an excellent transient state with in-phase change with music signals theoretically, giving birth to accurate tone and fine, clean and clear sound.


4. It adopts electric field force drive without alnico, so there are no problems of magnetized display.


5. Crated in original boxes, so there are no problems with shipping at additional expense. 


6. The operating state is high voltage, low current and high slewing rate.


7. The electrostatic loudspeaker traditionally has low efficiency. Generally speaking, area is sacrificed for efficiency, which causes the massive area of the electrostatic loudspeaker. However, our electrostatic loudspeaker adopts hi-tech optimum materials and comprehensive performance design so as to achieve the small but high-efficiency electrostatic loudspeaker.

MM Phono Stage 


As is  $700 + GST  ( RRP circa $1999  USD + TAX)

Condition 6.0 / 10 

Just serviced and running nicely

Image for illustration purposes

Owners manual - Yes

Original carton - No

Price is NOW as low as it will go. 

Price will be excluding packing and shipping 

This Audion phono amp is an active Class A stage using a transformer-less design.

 The Phono MM stage uses NOS Russian 6H23N tubes, it also has a ground lift switch at the rear to assist in resolving grounding issues by floating the ground internally above mains ground.  

Screen Shot 2023-02-21 at 7.12.07 pm.png


T-20 - with an upgraded motor for better speed control and a smaller footprint. 

• Type : Rigid Turnable Standalone Motor

• Platter : 40mm CNC Aluminium 4.8kg hardcoat anodised

• Bearing: Magnetic Suspension Low Friction Precision European Ceramic Shaft with Stainless Steel Ball

• Adjustable Bearing Thrust

• Chassis : CNC precision cut aluminium Acrylic sandwich

• Colour : Brush aluminium Silver   

• Thickness: 4/20/4mm

 Upgraded German Motor

• Housing : Aluminium,

• Speed : 33.3rpm/45rpm 

• Belt : string 

• Tonearm Base: Suitable for SME Tonearms / Rega /

Others Available

• Total Weight : 16.20 Kgs

• Dimension : 560mm x 430mm x 128mm

• Record Clamp

• Acrylic Stroboscope    

• Level Meter   

This unit can be supplied with a REGA 250 arm for an  EXTRA $300 and Gold Note MM Cart. $250.00 EXTRA if required. 

USED :  Imported by us. 



Voxativ's 845 tube SE monoblocks

(RRP $17'500/pair EURO + VAT

Made in Berlin, this pair is fitted off with XLR inputs

This pair features the Elrog 845 Tube. 

The Elrog 300B tubes pictured are not included, we found them noisy in this amp. 

Brand New  Cossor 300B tubes

Our tech has Just serviced this unit 

 $10,000 + GST for the pair 

30 KG EACH , 30 X 30 X 44 (WX H X D )


500 mV input sensitivity, distortion 1%, SN:85dB, Frequency response 20 - 20,000 Hz


An Audiophile bargain. 

The Elrog 300B tubes pictured are available  for $1800.00 

we purchased direct from the previous Elrog Distributor based on advise. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 4.54.31 pm.png
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