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Fundamentals  Of  Sound 


THIXAR Audiophile equipment platforms and hifi racks 



In 2005, after completing his studies in Bochum and Duisburg, company founder Dirk Rüdell developed the basic energy absorption concept using thixotropic, flexible materials.


Taking into account the specific properties of different materials such as wood, metal, glass and elastomers, the laboratory chemistry graduate and music-lover designed his first platforms for high-quality audio components – originally for personal use.


Given the significant positive effects on sound quality that were achieved by using these self-developed platforms in multiple tests of various system setups, Dirk Rüdell recognized the commercial potential of such supple­mentary audio­phile compo­nents. This led him to found THIXAR in 2009.


Since then, the original platforms have undergone further systematic optimization. Today they are available in the “Silence”, “Silence Plus” and “Silence Focus” versions. These core products in the THIXAR portfolio are supple­mented by accompa­nying in-house develop­ments such as rack systems, equipment base feet, case dampers and the “Silencer_iZ” active platform. In each case, the specific combination of particular selected materials and techno­logies is key in terms of the positive effect on the sound quality of all audio components which are supported by THIXAR’s advanced vibration control solutions.



“Made in Germany”

THIXAR products are “Made in Germany”. In cooperation with established, highly specialized local suppliers of individual components, our products are manufactured in Düsseldorf to the strictest quality standards. THIXAR products are available to discerning stereo enthusiasts worldwide via a network of dedicated distributors.


THIXAR components have an excellent reputation in the high-end community. Our racks and platforms are thus used regularly at audio shows, for example, by the most renowned companies. THIXAR feet and THIXAR dampers are used by high-end manufacturers to optimize the performance of their equipment. THIXAR recently developed specific platforms for Swiss manufacturer darTZeel. The result is that the company’s supreme components now have a perfect basis on which their fantastic potential can be fully harnessed.

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