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Avantgarde Acoustic have developed an electronic concept that is based on fundamentally different electro-physical laws than all other amplifiers on the market.

They have succeeded – as the first manufacturer worldwide – in making a technological concept work that is considered perfect, and which until now was technologically unmanageable.

Progress is always a purely mental matter.

Questioning the established in order to discover the new.

In 2005, Matthias Ruff had the idea to develop an electronics that not only simply amplifies signals, but directly controls the acceleration of a loudspeaker’s diaphragm. This vision of the perfect drive has not let him go.

The voice coil of a loudspeaker operates with current.

But 99.9% of all amplifiers are voltage amplifiers. That doesn’t make any sense, does it?

The power of physics. Ohm's law.

Due to the laws of electrophysics, a voltage amplifier only works correctly if the resistance of the loudspeaker is a constant. Only in this case the acceleration of the diaphragm corresponds exactly to the voltage value of the music signal.

However, the resistance of a loudspeaker is variable and changes constantly.

A voltage amplifier disregards this relationship. The result can therefore never be correct.

Voltage amplifier and loudspeaker simply do not match.

Take the perfect voltage amplifier and the perfect loudspeaker. And yet the two can never harmonize properly together.

The interfaces simply will not fit together. And so distortions, temporal inaccuracies arise and the music loses purity. There is much motor to it so,,,,

Come, see and hear it at the first outing at the Australian Hi-Fi Show this April,.

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