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Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The New LAB12 MK2 with KT170 Tubes & Optional Cage

The LAB12 Full tube integrated amplifier Now has a more powerful brother.

The Original Integre 4 was fitted off with 6550 tubes and now we are running with KT150 as the preferred standard delivering 65WCH. With Remote Control.

The NEW MK2 version running KT170 ( caged ) delivering 75WCH lists at $1500 more.

We use four low noise dual triode driver tubes to achieve a perfect soundstage and low crosstalk between channels. The exceptionally regulated high voltage power supply guarantees an absolutely free of noise signal. Eleven low ESR and high capacity capacitors provide the instant energy that the amplifier may need to reproduce the most demanding music programs even at higher volume.

Bias adjustment, easier than ever

One of the most important things in all tube amplifiers is the tubes' bias point. The Integre4 has a precise and stable bias monitoring system that uses a powerful digital processor. Taking advantage of this feature, one can easily monitor the bias point of each power tube on the OLED multifunctional display of the Integre4 without needing any external equipment!

Smart protection and monitoring system

The central digital processor offers a sophisticated control and protection system.The Integre4 automatically sets the amplifier in sleep mode after realizing a long period with idle input signal. Integre4 will also wake up automatically when an input signal triggers the input again. This smart protection system will also remind you to check the bias or replace your tubes considering the tubes working hours and the bias setting point.

Connectivity and extendibility through I/O Upgrade Modules

The five analogue inputs are available through the input selection on the rear of the amp. You can change the displayed name of each input or just disable it if no device is connected. All inputs are controlled from the main processor and the signal reaches the driver stage via high grade relays. With our I/O Upgrade Modules, you can extend functionality with the high quality Phono Stage, USB/Coaxial/Optical DAC or XLR inputs. The Integre4 also offers a standard 6.3mm headphone output that takes full advantage of the amplifier power stage by using a dedicated adaptation circuit.

Usability and style

Every function of Integre4 is reachable from both navigation rotary button in face plate and the remote control. All useful information is displayed in the big legible multifunctional OLED display. The overall smooth and solid construction is highlighted further with our new grey matt colour for the pleasure of your eyes too!

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