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Aurelia speakers combine an elegant and timeless appearance with an unique acoustical principle, which provides a superior performance when compared to traditional speaker designs.

The technology, which has received multiple test victories and an enormous amount of praise throughout the whole audio community in recent years, has now been harnessed towards creating the most inspirational loudspeaker brand of our time – Aurelia.



Antti Louhivaara was  one of the leading loudspeaker designers in Finland and his works has been highly praised in international audio community. Louhivaara has earlier designed loudspeakers manufactured by Amphion and ASL. In the year 2007 Louhivaara decided to start the production of entirely new way designed loudspeakers for most demanding High-End purists. So was born a new High-End loudspeaker brand – Aurelia.

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Aurelia's starting point for speaker design is different from our competitors. For us, the operation of the speaker is based purely on wave motion physics. Our design assumes that the radiators formed by the speaker elements must be proportional to the wavelengths they produce. In this way, the best possible consistency is achieved between the element solutions, and a uniform total radiation in different directions.



The Magenta is a small footprint, bookshelf speaker.  The sound is however far from being small. We are talking about a real little big speaker, whose dynamics, deep bass and sonical credibility has astonished everyone.


The secret of these exceptional dynamics is our new DDC-bass unit (Dynamic Damping Control). With the design of the DDC-unit, the effective interaction between the amplifier and the bass unit is emphasized. As a result of superb dynamic damping properties, the bass reproduction of the Aurelia Magenta is controlled even in the deepest bass-impacts. The bass quality and depth of the Magenta are absolutely one of the best in its class


We use our 2nd generation Energy Controlling Waveguide-technology (ECW) in the tweeter system. The ECW seamlessly adapts the tweeter to the bass unit at the cross frequency. The ECW-technology guarantees that the transition from bass to treble occurs smoothly and that the phase behavior is linear.

The result is a pleasant and uniform sound with a natural and three-dimensional soundstage. It is not a coincidence that the Aurelia Magenta has received numerous panegyric ratings from reviewers. It seems that everybody tends to fall in love with this little new miracle.

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