The Cinepod is the ideal building block that eases planning a surround system for all your home cinema needs. Used as surround speaker or as dedicated centre channel, Cinepod can be added at any point to expand your system to all current standards which currently allow the use of up to 10 surround speakers in your home cinema.


Like other Scandyna products, great care has been given to the engineering and design of the Cinepod.

Note: High Gloss Black  is no longer available, Replaced by a Matt Finish MK2  version

Technical Highlights

Colours: White, Black, Red.

Weight: 4.5 kg

Width: 43 cm
Height: 25 cm
Depth: 23 cm

Full technical specifications


If you need to extend the lower frequencies, take a look at the Minibass. Sporting a 50W RMS amplifier, the subwoofer injects extra depth into movies and music.


A perfect partner for the Micropod SE. Especially suited for home theatres in tight spaces listeners will marvel at the big sound from the small system.

Technical Highlights

Colours: White, Black, Red.

Weight: 10.2 kg

Width: 34,8 cm
Height: 52,9 cm
Depth: 34,8 cm

Full technical specifications

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