the Cello Range starts from $3,990 inc GST fitted with Arm and Cartrige

The SCHEU Cello is our introductory turntable. It was developed with the aim of transferring as many of the virtues of the Premier as possible to a compact and attractive turntable with its own integrated drive unit. We build in the same high quality bearings as in the great Premier.

The Cello is exclusively designed for 9-inch tonearms. The platter is 300 mm in diameter and 30 mm high and weighs about 2.5 kilograms. The dimensions of the shell are 425 by 330 mm.

“Scheu’s smallest deck offers attractive modern cosmetics, flawless finish and sonically inherits certain gifts from the dearer Premier model. The Cello clearly is no poor man’s job” 6moons

Cello Classic Line Evolution

fitted with Arm and Cartrige , Plug and Play from only $4,990

Cello Classic Line Evolution

The Evolution model of the Cello Classic Line also features the tried-and-tested Rega RB 202 arm. The cartridge, however, is an AT 100E from Audiotechnica. The Evolution also features a more complex shell structure.

The Cello Classic Line is divided into three models with different features (tonearms and cartridges), different shell structures and different shell designs.

With the SCHEU Cello Classic Line, we wanted to take a step back in time, to that most classical form: a rectangular record player. All three models have a resonance-optimised turntable chassis in a layered structure. Multiple layers of wood and special absorption materials are glued together and veneered with real wood (tineo).

Cello Classic Line Basic


On the Basic model of the Cello Classic Line, a Rega RB 202 is installed as the tonearm and an Ortofon Super OM 10 as the cartridge.

The SCHEU Cello Classic Line Timbre was awarded `Product of The Year´ by the Cinema Awards 2015 in Russia.

Turntables from SCHEU are synonymous for sound quality, tonal balance and, last but not least, outstanding durability.

They are all belt-/string-driven heavyweight turntables and they all use an inverted bearing.


Das Laufwerk No.2 

from   $20,000 INC GST*

*excludes arm

`Das Laufwerk´ is German for `the turntable´. As in, THE TURNTABLE. Our turntable with that very proud and distinctive name has recently become SCHEU´s top-of-the range model. In terms of performance it even comfortably exceeds the company´s previous top model, the Premier, and represents the beginning of a whole new phase for SCHEU.

Weighing in at a total of about 38 kg, this mighty turntable is really a heavyweight contender for the reference league.

By omitting the lead shot chamber and the joining of two shell halves, a turntable of unadorned elegance came into being. Since no lead shot could be used to diminish resonance effects, other solutions needed to be found. By combining various materials such as multi-ply acrylic, steel and bronze, it was possible to achieve extremely effective adaptive resonance suppression and damping, though.


MK2 from only  $7,000 INC GST*

MK3 from $8,500 INC GST*

*excludes arm

The Premier is our most popular standard turntable and is available in a number of variants. It has been conceived as a heavyweight turntable distinguished by individual design details.

The legendary bearing developed by Thomas Scheu is an inverted precision platter bearing (the spindle is situated on the base while the bearing shell is inside the platter) made of 100Cr6 ball bearing steel with a contact surface hardness of 62 HRC and bearing tolerance range h6/H6, as used in other Scheu turntables. The solid spindle screwed into the base plate has a ceramic ball on top of it. The low-resonance, heavy acrylic platter is effectively suspended on the bearing and therefore provides its own stabilisation. The DC motor in its own solid housing is separated from the platter and quickly runs up to the speed selected via the rocker switch (33 or 45 rpm).

Fine adjustment is handled by a potentiometer, while power is provided from a plug-in transformer. Connection between motor and platter is made by means of a `string´ composed of ultra-fine nylon thread. The advantage of such a `string´ drive lies in the fact that the contacting surface transmitting the force is small. This means fluctuations in tension and unnecessary friction can be minimised. A cylindrical ring filled with resonance absorbing lead shot is located between the base plate, with its three height-adjustable threaded spikes, and the one- or two-lobed tonearm base. Either 9″ or 12″ tonearms may be fitted. The Premier MKIII offers the capability of mounting two tonearms, which can even be of different lengths. There is also a choice of platter heights: 50 mm (weighing 4.5 kg) and 80 mm (7.5 kg).


from only  $9,000 INC GST

#With Rega arm fitted from $9,750 INC GST

The idea that came to us in the hustle and bustle of the High End 2006 when we saw the females of the audiophile species looking rather unhappy was to bring the first `feminist´ record player into the market: fully assembled, with a pre-tuned cartridge and tracking weight, the set-up a piece of cake, and the whole thing in shocking pink!!!!

The little brother (or sister?) of our big turntables was born!

The Diamond features a Rega RB 202* but is also available without a tonearm. We can manufacture arm boards for all tonearms on the market. Thanks to the swivelling arm boards, 12-inch tonearms can also be attached. Up to three tonearms are possible in total.