ZIKMU                   “a daring blend of design and acoustics”

Wireless hi-fi Speakers by Philippe Starck

Docking station speaker for playing tracks instantly and recharging your iPod®/iPhoneTM/iPod Touch®, iPod Nano®, iPod Classic®. Streaming your tracks from your Mac/PC and cellphone via Bluetooth®. Audio streaming via Wi-Fi from PC and Mac. RCA line-in input for all analogue audio sources. 100W RMS speakers with immersive sound transmitted at 360°. Treble and mid-range sound reproduced from an NXT panel on the top part of the speakers. Bass sound reproduced from the bottom part of the speakers. Remote control included . read more;

The magic of an amazing designer that loves to work with amazing engineers that work for a very forward thinking company. A big statement, yes I know, so let me say this, “it’s backed with a performance to match, a comfort level beyond the market offerings and by the way, i can talk on my iphone with crisp clear detail, no apologies will be needed when you use the ZIK”.

We have in a nutshell, the most comfortable active noise cancelling headphones built for today’s smartphone generation. Use them via bluetooth or cable. Use as a high end stereo headphone at home or as your perfect portable audio partner. Travel in bliss with active noise cancelling or use as a communication device that allows for a wireless connection that also keeps out the background noise so no more aplogies needed for those missing important conversation details.

Simply, the product of the year!

ZIK                   “an innovative design for the life we live today”

Think, a single ZIKMU, but wait, theres more to it but for now, you’ll just have to wait.

SOLO    Soon!   $1,099 inc GST

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