The Minipod series is different, beautiful, and full of high calibre sound. The Minipod series is a lifestyle signalling courage, taste and quality. Perfect for anyone who dares to go around being square.

Minipod RRP $999.00 See Online Sales for specials
Follows an organic design - where 'form follows function' - minimising cabinet vibration, sound radiation and distortion, allowing sound waves to move more freely.

The Minipod Colours: red, white, black
Shape: 2 way bass reflex, abs cabinet.
Applications: stereo arrangement, AV, 5.1, multimedia, near field monitoring for studios.
Frequency: minus 6db at 55hz and 25khz.
Sensitivity: 90db spl (2.83v at 1m) 4 ohm.
Sound: compatible with amplifiers from 10w - 100w output.
Drive units: one 125mm (5") long throw bass/midrange feat. Kevlar piston and 25mm (1") dia freemounted high frequency.
Weight: 2.3 kg (5.5lbs) without spikes and packing.
Dimensions: width: 210mm height: 340mm, 440mm with spikes.
depth: 200mm.

Optional Accessories: spikes, wall bracket, stand and grille for bass driver.


The Minipod

Wall Bracket

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