Today, we find a magnitude of products that bring your favourite audio tracks to life. As consumers there are many brands, models and options to choose.

MAXMEDIA brings to you a table of exceptional Audio Products. Each brand or product with it’s own specialty, from Avantgarde Acoustic, a range of speakers and amplifiers that truly excite the senses including the all conquering, award winning game changing ZERO 1 XD which will open up a new chapter within the Hi End hi-fi world. A revolutionary size, simplified shape, hassle-free setup and fully integrated processor and amplifier technology with all the pedigree of Avantgarde Acoustic and exclusive to MAXMEDIA.

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Let us introduce you to iFi by AMR and exclusive to MAXMEDIA. Having already established a strong and unique position in the high end audio arena, the iFi range is their new compact product offering that is set to change perception on size and quality, from tweaks to affordable, to downright best in class, Read more>>>>  The iOne is BIG in Japan!

The iOne currently occupies three top spots in the best-seller rankings in Japan –

a very rare occurrence for the same manufacturer!

We always new the nano iOne was unique.
* No 1 selling headphone amplifier
* No 1 selling stationary headphone amplifier
* No 1 selling DSD compatible headphone amplifie

Turntables from SCHEU are synonymous from Berlin to Ushuaia with a most audiophile sound quality, tonal balance and, last but not least, outstanding durability. They are all belt-/string-driven heavyweight turntables and they all use an inverted bearing. series flagship headphone amp/line stage




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