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The Premium Update Model

With 3 Pairs Of RCA Cables

$299.00 Inc GST

The latest in the IFI series, The-iDSD-MICRO


#1 Native OctaDSD512 + PCM768 world’s first DAC supporting both formats

#2 Turbo/Normal/Eco power modes, perfect-match for IEMs to Headphones

#3 Max Power 8.0V/4,000mW drives even HiFiMan HE-6

Not Quad, but Octa Leap

• Dual-Core Burr Brown True Native chipset: Octa-Speed DSD512/Double-Speed 2xDXD/PCM768 kHz

• 6 Filters: PCM: Bit-Perfect Processing/Minimum Phase/Standard digital filters selectable

DSD: Extreme/Extended/Standard Range analogue filters selectable

• Ultra-Powerful Headphone amplifier : 8V/4000mW

• 3 Power modes: Turbo/Normal/Eco mode (from 4,000mW of power to 12 hours of playtime)

• iEMatch®: perfect-matching circuit for IEMs (eliminate hiss)

• 3D Holographic Sound for Headphones® AND Speakers® (two separate and distinct circuits)

• XBass® system

• Active Preamplifier mode with 9dB of gain (easy matching with active speakers/power amplifiers)

• Intelligent SPDIF® Coaxial/Optical Input and Outputs

• SmartPower®: onboard battery for portable use and Smart Device recharging

• 3.5mm Line Input

  1. iPurifier® built-in ( This is a sensational product add on

$669 with BONUS iPurifiuer

Bonus Value over $149.00


IFI ACCESSORIESIFI_Audio_Accessories.html

IFI  : ITUBE $399 inc GST

* price includes plus BONUS GROUND HOG - clearance special

The IFI iTube Tube Buffer Stage/Preamplifier  adds the magic of tubes to any system and improves the analog and digital components in any solid-state system, think how much better your hi-fi system sounds than your home theatre system playing the same music in 2ch, bung it in and let it do its thing. Pure analogue volume control to preserve the Finest details in the signal.

The feedback from our customers to date has been over the top satisfaction, where others have tried, this one actually works.

Special Inclusive of  BONUS iSilencer 3.0 value over $89.00 with either IFI MICRO IDAC OR IFI MICRO IDAC2  - SOLD OUT


IFI  : IDAC MICRO    $395  inc GST

  IFI  : IDAC2 MICRO  NOW $495.00 inc GST 

The IFI IDAC is an ESS Sabre-based DAC with headphone amp.

24bit/192kHz music has 6.5x more resolution than a normal CD.

Some same another DAC and we say,, just have a listen and they are shocked at how good it is.

Meet its brother from another mother and riding the wave of the stunning micro iDSD Just like a best‐selling book which enjoys a new edition,

True native DSD256 (11.2/12.4MHz), PCM 384kHz and DXD Class A high‐end DAC with 350mW Headamp

The IFI Micro iDAC2 is just that: an all‐new ‘Mark II’ design of the original iDAC based upon the successful nano/micro iDSD platform. With the famous True Native® Burr‐Brown processor at the heart – the iFi cutting‐edge audio tradition continues to break new barriers.

Quad‐Speed all the way

 Burr Brown True Native chipset: Quad‐Speed 11.2MHz DSD256/ DXD/PCM384 kHz

 6 Filters: PCM: Bit‐Perfect Processing/Minimum Phase/Standard digital filters selectable
DSD: Extreme/Extended/Standard Range analogue filters selectable

 Ultra‐Powerful Headphone amplifier: 2.4V/350mW

 ZeroJitter® to drastically reduce jitter

 Military‐Grade Active Noise Cancellation® (ANC) circuit with high‐grade ELNA SILMIC II Capacitors
combined with TDK C0G capacitors

 Class A operation on RCA output: discrete, Class A buffer that combines an N‐Channel J‐FET and a PNP bi‐polar transistor that allows this buffer to handle loads of even 600 Ohms

 SPDIF® Coaxial Output

This is a seriously good desktop DAC

with BONUS iSilencer 3.0 value over $89.00


70 CM 349.00 inc GST   In Stock

150 CM $449.00 inc GST In Stock

To reach the absolute zenith in USB audio quality, we recommend the Gemini cable (for separate audio and power transmission) combine with the iUSB Power (to supply pure, clean power) Listen, on its own, its a baragain of an audiophile tweak/uprade to the existing standard USB cables and many that rival it at 4X the price. It’s got the sound stage, detail and if you have a decent system, it will assist in your bottom end,,,,hmm nice. 


IFI  : IUSB $375.00 inc GST     

IFI  : IUSB 3.0 $499 inc GST   

The IFI MICRO IUSB is a power isolator/regulator that is slotted  between a computer and a USB DAC to reduce any noise or interference from the computer’s own power supply. It works, people love it, it also just had a more advanced sibling join the stable in the


‘Next Gen’ Tech

The defining Audio + Power regenerator

The original and the best just made the jump to iUSB3.0

Back in 2012, the original iUSB established a whole new audio segment: computer audio improvement.

Fast-forward to 2015 and we are pleased to announce the all-new iUSB3.0 with the following world’s first features:


Audiophile USB3.0 Ultra-speed (5.0Gbps) active USB hub with 2 sets of ports

Ultra-silent 0.0000001V noise-floor and signal REgen®/Rebalance®/REclock®

Active Noise Cancellation+® military-grade circuit


For best results combine with Gemini Twin Head USB cable on one end and the Mercury USB on the other. Add a Micro IDAC or Nano iDSD and you will have a super powerful, sensational sounding system.

The NEW iFi iCAN SE $499.00 inc GST  In Stock

* price excudes P&H

IFI  : ICAN MICRO  $419 inc GST   In Stock

* price excudes P&H

The  IFI iCAN Micro is a headphone amp with 400mW Class A output. Think how much more you will now hear.

      Now with gain setting, this pint sized device packs in all the features that many high end headphone amplifiers only wish they had.

The power and the glory


The micro iCAN SE also receives the same technology as output power has been upped ten-fold to 4,000mW. Coupled with user-adjustable gain settings, from the most smallest to the largest of headphones, the iCAN SE is able to handle them all (including the incredibly power hungry HE-6) – with the greatest of ease.

The iFi Nano iCAN $299.00 inc GST  * price includes  P&H

is the battery-powered headphone amp for those on the go and only half the size of the micro series. Able to take RCA or 3.5mm inputs, running on lithium-polymer battery power, enjoy music wherever, whenever, whatever.

The nano iCAN maintains the iFi tradition of excellent sonics with canyon-deep bass. Its supreme circuit design uses DirectDrive® technology; without the need for output capacitors. The nano iCAN features the original 3D HolographicSound® for Headphones to take the sound 'back out of the head. Second, to suit different headphones, XBass® and user-selectable gain unlock the maximum potential of each and every type of headphone, whether at home or on the move.


  iFI  : MICRO-IPHONO 2 CLEARANCE   $699.00 inc GST  with Bonus   GROUND HOG

IFI IPHONO MICRO  includes six built-in EQ curves, between 40 and 66dB of gain, and 90dB S/N with moving-coil carts and is a serious rival to those product 4X the price.


Only everything has been improved.

The best just made the quantum leap  SEE SPECIFICATIONS >>>>

The original iPhono was the ‘benchmark’ phono stage <US$1,000. While keeping in essence the same design philosophy, we went back to the beginning and designed a ground-up, all-new iPhono2. The design, circuitry and the parts are all far-reaching:

Ultra-wide gain range – 36dB to astonishing 72dB, suits any cartridge.

Whisper quiet – SNR of >85dB, an impressive 10dB quieter than the original.

Latest AMR trickle-down technology: revised Class A, TubeState® circuit for unrivalled

DirectDrive® Servo-less ‘DC infinity’ circuit. No capacitor AND no DC-Servo means
zero added noise and distortion in the audio signal path.

The sonic performance partnered with any cartridge from the Shure V-15 through to the Koetsu Coralstone is something to behold.


 Ultra-wide gain from 36dB up to 72dB
 6 precision stereo EQ curves (±0.2dB)
 Latest AMR trickle-down technology: revised Class A, TubeState® circuitry
 DC-Infinity circuit, DirectDrive® Servo-less circuit

 Reference class parts quality from Elna Silmic to Silver Mica capacitors

IFI  : iPOWER - There are just too many dudes on-line selling back in

We have been advised by many customer these guys on the link attached are great on-line retailers so knock yourseld out,apparently very quik delivery back into Australia