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The Innuos Music Server Series Flagship model      STATEMENT

The new innuos music server takes Digital Audio to a new level, building on the award-winning ZENith SE.

Double-enclosure linear power supply

New power supply architecture designed in partnership with Dr. Sean Jacobs.

Separately enclosed AC/DC conversion stage to isolate transformer vibration
and EMI emissions.

Regulation stage within main system enclosure to shorten the clean DC power path

8 independent power rails

Reduces electrical noise generated by regulators’ voltage conversions.

An individual dedicated power supply for each critical component

Custom designed components

Innuos-designed USB board with a dedicated
5V power line.

USB and Ethernet re- clocking by independently powered 3ppb OCXO clock for higher precision and lower phase noise.

EMI-Optimised motherboard exclusively designed for Innuos.

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For music enthusiasts who want to enjoy their large music libraries with a dedicated server delivering Hi-Fi quality, the ZEN Mk3 represents new value for money in digital audio performance. The new ZEN Mk3 now has:

· Dual Linear Power Supply – With ultra-low noise regulators and Nichicon Capacitors.

· Custom-made motherboard - With improved EMI treatment.

· Asymmetrical isolation feet - Derived from the successful design implementation on the ZENith SE


Pushing our popular ZENith even further, the Mk3 is designed for Audiophiles who want a smoother, more relaxed sound with a wider soundstage.
The new ZENith Mk3 extends ZEN Mk3’s new features, such as the new EMI-treated Custom motherboard and Asymetrical isolation feet, and takes performance even further through:

· Premium Triple-Linear Power Supply - With ultra-low noise regulators and premium Mundorf Capacitors, using trickle-down technology from the ZENith SE.

· Vibration and eMI treated SSD

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.  ~Ludwig van Beethoven

The High End of the Audio Industry, has been on a quest to assist this mediator, to help bridge a gap between simple and unique. No one is the same, no need shall be answered as such, it is a matter of what is best for you. We can say that passion and ability are but only two virtues that we list of the people and teams that deliver these wonderful products we present to you in the High End.  Ultimately the journey begins with an interest and desire to improve ones musical experience,  It begins here! The journey is all yours, we are ever so pleased

to assist you in the luxury of music and so now we present to you the very lastest for High End Audio


                  Avantgarde Acoustic

NEW XD - Xtreme Digital

Fully Digital Programmable

A revolution in active horn loudspeaker design.
A milestone in the development of

fully digital high-end systems.

A New Era in High-End Audio

„XD“ is a synonym for Xtreme Digital. This indicates, that all new Avantgarde XD products are now DSP controlled and fully programmable in the low frequency. It also possible to perfectly optimize the frequency response to the room. An incredble and powerful tool for every audiophile and those that simply want the best!

The ZERO 1 is a dream come true—one that we have shared with many friends of our horn loudspeaker factory for over twenty years. After all, as fascinated, moved and amazed as we may be by our larger acoustic transducers, we have always longed for a more compact horn loudspeaker to make the incomparable experience of Avantgarde Acoustic accessible to a wider audience of audio enthusiasts.

The ZERO 1 XD opens up this new road with a revolutionary design, simplified shape, hassle-free setup and fully integrated processor and amplifier technology.

Bionic horn loudspeakers meet 66-bit FPGA processing

— it can’t be any less uncompromising or trailblazing than this!

A full-fledged spherical wave horn system, the ZERO 1 has all of the tonal advantages provided by the horn technology—the most original and natural acoustic transducer principle. The diaphragms, which are much smaller than those of conventional loudspeakers, have less moving mass, which translates into reduced inertia. This results in a sound characterized above all by its effortlessness, absence of distortion and explosive vitality—with a phenomenal efficiency of 104 dB.


Semi Active Model, the ZERO TA  XD            

The D-10 by COS Engineering  It’s Arrived!!

Built with the utmost care and patience to deliver this stunning DAC which we showcased at the recent

Melbourbne Hi FI Show. Some may recall we mentioned this was to be a more conservative cost saving

finish, not a cost saving sound. Well they have kicked it up a notch and  it now shares that prestine,

perfectly sculptured design as the other family members.

Streaming DAC
+ Pre-Amplifier
+ Headphone Amplifier

D10 is  ‘dream gear' for your beloved sonic pleasure. It is a DAC, a pre-amp, and a headphone amp, well built with streaming capability. Yes, the same spacious, supple and dynamically powerful sound that COS products have been offering.

The D10 is also a phono amp, one that delivers from your preferred vinyls luscious vibes.

COS proprietary algorithm with a linear-phase delay FIR filter can up-sample original data to 176.4K or 192K. D10 stores digital data in a one- second buffer before converting to analog signals, under the coordination of a crystal oscillator with a

jitter precision less than 1ps and a dedicated re- clocking circuitry.


D10 uses two-stage regulation to provide clean power. Two toroid transformers power the digital circuit and the analog circuit separately, thereby eliminating possible interferences >>>>> read one

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