Functional design which arises imperatively from its application. Plain, stringent and without alternatives. Bionically formulated technology, geared to the funnel shaped physics of the human ear, allowing the most ingenious principles of sound transduction to unfold.


Enduring, precise and incredibly powerful. And last but not least a listening experience with an originality and neutrality which is utterly faithful to what actually took place in the studio or on the stage. Whether it´s a violin sonata in minor or a heavy metal guitar riff.

This is purity.


Our passion - To build systems which are best in class within the world of Super-Speakers today. To adhere faithfully to natural principles and take them to their limits. To surpass physical restrictions by inventing unexplored electronic circuitries. Unremittingly optimising each and every component and their interactions within the system to all-time perfection. To question part by part. Stripping away as much as possible. And by doing so, gain so much more. In just two decades making the name of Avantgarde Acoustic™ the voice of the audiophile upperclass.

This is performance.

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Winner  of the most significant design Awards in The World

Brand Price Rise Effective June 30  2019

Brand Price Rise Effective June 30  2019