A Little Big Miracle BIOCORE speakers by AURELIA  are small, timelessly designed multifunction loudspeakers that can be used almost anywhere. They work with your computer, as a television sound enhancer or even on a beach on a beautiful summer day. Only your imagination sets limits to the use of the Biocore collection!


All Biocore range of speakers are made of ecological, recyclable Formi natural fiber composite.


Aurelia Aniara sets new standards in the sound quality for loudspeakers of its size. The quality of sound has never previously been available in this size or price class. Aniara’s charming sound, stylish form and excellent finishing, as well as broad range of colours, form an unbeatable entity.

Aniara is quite simply a mini-sized loudspeaker and, as a result, is naturally suitable for various applications. In addition to the traditional stand mounting, the Aniara has been designed to be used on TV tables to improve the often relatively poor sound quality of today’s flat-screen televisions. It is also ideally suited for use on desktops, as a high quality computer loudspeaker, or as a wall-mounted studio monitor. For this purpose, the backplate of Aniara features a 3/8” thread for wall or ceiling mounting.

Aniara has been implemented in a completely unprecedented manner. The loudspeaker enclosure is injection moulded from natural fibre composite, which is a Finnish, fully recyclable material. The properties provided by the natural fibre composite are ideal for making a loudspeaker enclosure. The material, compared to ordinary plastics, allows the use of multiple material thicknesses and the composite’s vibration characteristics are superior in comparison.

Aniara’s enclosure design is based on unique, clear-cut Scandinavian design and the laws of acoustics are taken into account in every detail. The double-curved surfaces of the loudspeaker enclosure provide natural profile rigidity, while the slightly tapered shape minimizes the occurrence of standing waves inside the loudspeaker.

The technical implementation complies with the familiar successful formula that is behind all Aurelia loudspeakers – the DDC- woofer produces a deep and powerful bass with incredibly low reproduction concerning the size of the enclosure. The ECW- tweeter creates a bright and clear high frequencies and pure midrange, which integrates seamlessly with the bass. Aniara’s reproduction is punchy, dynamic and integrated. Regarding its size, the soundstage of Aniara is in its own class.



Aniara DSPe is Aurelia’s first active speaker and it’s based on the newest digital technology. Powerful D-Class amplifier, automatic room calibration and enormous sound for a speaker this size.


Miniara is a small and soundful Bluetooth minimonitor which can be used in a many different places and purposes. Miniara can be placed with TV or computer or with optional battery it can be taken with when joining into beach party!


       ANIARA            RRP $999.00 See Online Sales for specials

Technical specification:

Operating principle

2-way vented


1” titanium, ECW waveguide


4” DDC

Crossover point

2000 Hz


6 ohm

Sensitivity dB/W/m

85 dB

Frequency response

55…20 000 Hz

Power recommendation


Dimensions h x d x w

242 x 208 x 132 mm


3 kg each

While small in size, the Aniara loudspeaker has a sound quality which
is a suitable match for
larger loudspeaker boxes.