AURELIA The Beauty and the Music

Aurelia speakers combine an elegant and timeless appearance with an unique acoustical principle, which provides a superior performance when compared to traditional speaker designs.

The technology, which has received multiple test victories and an enormous amount of praise throughout the whole audio community in recent years, has now been harnessed towards creating the most inspirational loudspeaker brand of our time – Aurelia.

Antti Louhivaara is one of the leading loudspeaker designers in Finland and his works has been highly praised in international audio community. Louhivaara has earlier designed loudspeakers manufactured by Amphion and ASL. In the year 2007 Louhivaara decided to start the production of entirely new way designed loudspeakers for most demanding High-End purists. So was born a new High-End loudspeaker brand – Aurelia.

Superiore-line is based on our ECW-technology which generates smooth energy-response combined with taut bass-response produced by DDC-bass units. Superiore- line is aimed for multi-purpose use with all kind of listening environments and music genres. The home-theatre solutions have been emphasized while designing the Superiore-line.

Magenta is a proper choice for music enthusiasts that are looking for quality design in the home interior. A top-class home-theatre system can be achieved by using five Magentas or correspondingly a compact stereo system by using two Magentas. Partner with the right amp and you will be very impressed

Ambera offers bigger sound already in the very neat and slender package. Ambera is excellent choice to the smaller living room where bass of typical floorstanders usually becomes boomy. Ambera can be used together with Magentas when more dynamics is needed with home-theatre system.

XO-line is designed on our CSR-technology which emphasizes the importance of vertical directivity of radiating sources. Therefore XO-series loudspeakers are representing absolutely the top-level audio quality available at any price. Their ability to reproduce the tangible live-feeling of music is without parallel. XO-line loudspeakers are at their best while using them in top class 2-channel High End audio-systems.

Cerica is solution for uncompromising music enthusiastic when best possible audio quality is searched for smaller listening rooms. The charm of Cerica is nailing the listener to chair where you can enjoy of the best performances of your favorite artists.

Graphica is a loudspeaker for a real music epicure. Graphica brings you in the middle of concert hall offering you tangible reality with your favorite recordings. Graphica draws the soundstage in front of you so convincingly that by closing your eyes you can feel the presence of the concert event. And enjoying of the music.

Aurelia Saphira – a great success in Paris Salon Hi-Fi 2011-Show on 1-2. October. Saphira was widely regarded as the best sound of the Show:

“The ease, the absence of tension, transparency, completeness, the definition of all the bandwidth were never at fault: as speed, spatialization. These speakers are excellent Finnish new products on show … Some brands will be competing head. These speakers are highly technical products and quality really impressive for the price compared to many other brands.”