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The Premier Class 777 is comprised of CD and Amplification sources and has now been joined by the DP-777 - leading-edge Dual-DAC converter and advanced analogue preamplifier.

The Original 777 series changed many views on what could be achieved in the high end arena for what many consider a low value investment. The Introduction of the Quad Core Board demonstrated what brilliance was there, untapped needing to be explioted while now the SE takes it to the big league if some doubted it wasnt there already.


NEW-AM-777 +  QC Premier Class Pre-Main Amplifier      SEE DEMO SALE                 


The AM-777 Premier Class Pre-Main Amplifier breaks with tradition and possesses eye-catching features not seen in other amplifiers at any price. At the heart, based upon AMR’s OptiGain® circuitry, it has the same, unique sonic DNA as its larger sibling: the AM-77 Reference Class Pre-Main Amplifier. The AM-777 is a serious amplifier that first and foremost, is devoted to reproducing music that is emotionally stirring, reminiscent of the best valve amplifiers.

What makes the AM-777 even more enticing is that it has onboard, an advanced, sonically superior USB digital-to-analogue converter optimised by AMR for the highest quality signal transfer.

The AM-777 in AMR’s imitable way will charm those who wish for a truly unique one-box solution with a level of execution that leaves behind sonically challenged yesteryear amplifiers and volume control CD players.

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NEW-AMR-CD-777 + QC Premier Class CD Processor     SEE DEMO SALE                    


The CD-777 Compact Disk Processor upholds the AMR tradition of developing the most musically engaging components; by taking classic and modern audio approaches that are simple in concept, but challenging in execution. The CD-777 produces emotionally stirring music reminiscent of timeless, analogue replay. Exclusively using the Philips UDA1305AT Multibit chipset, a bespoke transport and premium quality valves, backed with cherry-picked components, the CD-777’s atypical approach surpasses digital source machines costing several times more. With the same OptiSample® technology as the CD-77, most important of all, Digital Master I and Digital Master II which were developed by AMR and are exclusive to the CD-77 and CD-777, means they are two of only a handful of digital components able to play "bit perfect" audio. This means music, not hifi is the result because there is no artificial manipulation of the signal (so often found in almost all other machines).

Mainstream components usually see functionality compromised. With the CD-777, rather, functionality has been taken to the extreme. The CD-777 is the first type of what AMR’s refers to as a “music hub”. Using the absolute highest quality design and execution, the CD-777 is first, a high-end CD processor. Second, able to receive a digital signal in from a PC or transport either through USB or S/P-DIF without the usual increase in jitter, it can be used as an accomplished DAC. Third, able to send out a digital signal through S/P-DIF to an external DAC or computer, it can function as an exceptionally well-designed transport source.

Able to play compact disks and computer audio to the highest level, without compromise and future-proofed for many years to come, the CD-777 can only be an AMR.

NEW- Digital Processor AMR-DP-777-SE  FULLY LOADED              SEE DEMO SALE


Full Spec SIGNATURE EDITION ” is now available

Standard to “SE” see notes from April 2015 *

*Pricing is for a unit with Quad Core Board installed already by MAXMEDIA.

warranty is void if having been done otherwise.

Notes On Upgrades: The Cost now comprises other complex work. Please contact to discuss.


High-Definition (HD) digital audio is redefining the quality of recorded audio for the 21st Century. Having created some of the most natural and captivating music sources on the CD standard, AMR has turned its attention to High-Definition audio and in its own imitable way, taken the road less travelled.

Our first objective was to deliver the maximum quality of music from the existent libraries of CD standard audio (be it on silver disks or as ripped lossless files) equally balanced with the requirement to also deliver the maximum music quality from the new HD audio formats. We meticulously auditioned the full array of HD DAC chipsets and whittled the field down to one of the latest and most outstanding.

Again, the standard textbook implementation was shunned as we applied the same assiduous design and execution of the multi-award winning CD-77 to unleash the full, latent potential of the HD format. Each stage of the signal path is a technical magnum opus focused upon one objective: the most enchanting and pulsating performance. The result is the DP-777 Digital Processor.

The DP-777 has the same, unparalleled DNA as every other AMR component; with extraordinary digital advancements never seen before in any converter:

Gemini Digital Engine (GDE)* Unlike any other converter, at the core of the Gemini Digital Engine, there is not one, but 2 distinct chipsets that define their generation; one latest generation High-Definition 32-Bit DAC to produce the best sound from HD recordings and one Classic Multibit 16-Bit DAC to produce the best sound from CD. These two "non-identical twins" deliver the best of both worlds in a way that is simply unmatched. Further, the Gemini Digital Engine pushes these chipsets beyond what is thought possible. Using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to handle the core digital duties, including the memory buffer and the signal processing, the outcome are two specially-commissioned DAC chipsets that perform well beyond the textbook.

Zero Jitter Mode* The Zero Jitter Mode utilises AMR's ingenious Global Master Timing (GMT)* and Intelligent Memory System (IMS) to totally eliminate jitter coming from the source. The Global Master Timing clock system intelligently actualises over 28 million different real-time clock frequencies to exactly match the dynamic input clock down to 0.001Hz (i.e. ~0.04ppm accuracy) of the source. With this new and completely jitterless clock coupled to the Intelligent Memory System (IMS), the GMT/IMS system lock out source jitter once and for all.

24/192kHz Asynchronous USB Input The DP-777's 24/192kHz Asynchronous USB Audio Class 2.0 Input is a true asynchronous decoupling of the DAC system clock from the computer that is also fully future-proofed.

HD Valve Digital input (HD-VDi)* This is AMR's atypical brainchild of using a New Old Stock (NOS) 6N11 high-speed valve designed to operate into several 100Mhz to amplify and purify the high-definition SPDIF signal with zero feedback. Clearly visible on an oscilloscope, with HD-VDi, the signal changes from a blurred to clean and sharp SPDIF signal. Any deficiency in the incoming SPDIF is completely removed.

OptiValve Output Stage Two NOS valves perform the left and right channel analogue amplification and output buffering duties using the same demanding approach as the CD-77/CD-777; where one half amplifies and the other half buffers without any negative feedback loop. No solid-state devices are present in the signal path.

High-End Pre-Amplifier The DP-777's direct-coupled/buffered analogue pre-amplifier stage is capable of accepting two analogue sources in addition to the signal internal to the DP-777. The exceptionally precise 71-step resistor matrix-based Analogue Volume Control system delivers unmatched transparency. To attain the highest sound quality, no digital volume control is anywhere to be found!

*: World's first, AMR exclusive.

AM-777 : The amplifier, evolved

Premier Class

Pre-Main Amplifier

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CD-777 : Future-Proof Music Hub

Premier Class

Compact Disk Processor

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DP-777 : HD/Classic at the Cutting-Edge

Premier Class

Digital Processor


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